Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The more things change

Trying to put together all the details of my attempts to break into the comics industry was a bit emotional. I went through tons of old e-mails and relived lots of little moments from the last seven years. But it also made me want to give it another go. The last couple of years all my energies have been focused on becoming a game designer, but now I can finally redirect some efforts back towards writing. Yesterday I went on a new round of contacting comics editors. I won't jinx myself by telling publically which editors I contacted and what they had to say so far, but I'm sure soon I'll be able to tell you if it worked out or not.

I still intend to cover my previous attempts, but that will have to wait for the weekend as we have a fairly busy week at work. It's my last week on my current project so I need to wrap up all my duties. It probably will carry on to next week, but I'll be away most of the week doing a special first aid course (exciting!). More about that later as well.


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mlk said...

Good luck :)