Friday, March 31, 2006

Reviews time!

Two horror movies I've seen this week:

I got Wolf Creek on DVD. Greg McLean's debut as a director. Looked like the sort of movie I would enjoy and it was. There was nothing particularly original here, but it is still enjoyable. Some gore, some suspence and a lot of horror. The build up at the beginning is a bit too long and slow, especially since it doesn't really manage to flesh out the characters enough before the horror begins. Worth watching if you are a horror fan.


Hostel is by Eli Roth, the guy who did Cabin Fever. I enjoyed Cabin Fever, but didn't love it. Hostel on the other hand is great. Like Wolf Creek it also suffers from a slow pace at the beginning and to make things worse it makes you dislike the main characters a little too much and wish they were already dead whithin the first five minutes of the movie. A lot of sex and obnoxious sexually obssessed guys make it feel like American Pie minus the funny gags. But then when it finally picks up and the horror begins, it's absolutely ruthless. A guy in front of us walked out, which is a rarity with today's tame post-Scream horror movies. The movie actually has a plot with a mystery ("What the hell is going on?") that gets a very satisfying and original payoff. It gets a bit over the top towards the end, but it doesn't stop being fun for a second after the gorror starts. I will most certainly get it when it comes out on DVD and will eagerly await Eli Roth next movies.



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