Thursday, March 16, 2006

Scary Cruise

Just saw the trailer for Scary Movie 4. It seems to be more of the same which isn't bad: around 90 minutes of gags making fun of recent movies. They also make fun of the Tom Cruise interview on Oprah's. I never actually saw it before, I just knew that he jumped on the sofa. This made me want to see the original.

Managed to find it on-line here. Ooh, cringe factor 8.7 out 10. And then there was this parody which is also funny, but nothing can beat the original perfomance. "Hey, look! I'm so in love with this girl I can't possibly be gay!" Could it be that he rather have rumours that he's crazy rather than gay? Possible.

I blame it on scientology.


1 comment:

Janie said...

Jeez. He's such a n00b. I'd be scared if somebody reacted that way about me ...... :(