Monday, March 20, 2006

The Walk of Warcraft

I just had the best idea ever. If anyone who can do something about it is reading this, feel free to do something about it, but if it makes lots of money please send me a token of your appreciation.

Here it is: a treadmill that connects to the PC. In order to make your character move in the game you have to walk. If you want to run or ride an animal or vehicle, you have to run! So all those long distances covered in The World of Warcraft and other games will actually translate to real exercise! And it will also make sure you don't play the game too much as you will eventually get really tired.


Unless of course you get into a crazy battle when you're try to jump around like crazy and you end up being thrown off the machine and breaking your neck. If that happens, don't sue me- sue the idiots who made the machine. I have absolutely nothing to do with it!



Anonymous said...

that sounds like the collest thing ever and about the jumping thing maybe it could be a certain speed or a button

Mickey said...

Oh, there will be a keyboard and mouse setup for all the other controls, but many people (well, me anyway) get very physical when playing games like when you lean sideways in real life when taking a tight corner in a racing game or trying to avoid being hit in an action game. So the same reflexes might cause the mentioned accident.

Still, I'd like to see this thing happen just so I could finally play games and excercise at the same time!