Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Aide Team Day 2

Day two was a bit more interesting. We started covering more serious injuries and situations. For example, if you cut your belly and your guts spill out, I'll know what to do. Or if you'll get a knife stuck in your leg, break a bone or get a burn.

I can, but please don't.

When we got to the part covering seizures half of the class had to walk out of the room while the rest of us were told to pretend we have seizures when they come back and they have to diagnose what we had. One girl said she rather not and started crying. I didn't quite get exactly why, but I understand it was some traumatic experience. So she was escorted out by one of the teachers and was, oddly, brought back when we were done discussing the issue. I found it to be very odd. How can she be qualified to give first aid at her workplace if seizures make her freak out? Oh well.

It was a bit more fun. I'm getting to know the rest of the people slightly better (though I still eat lunch alone). There's no real point making friends and socializing as we only have two days left. We had fun re-enacting a scene from the training video followed by our treatment solution. Basically, a clumsy kitchen worker (me) pours scalding oil on another worker and a first aid trained patron comes to save the day. It was Tony award material.

On a side note I had another driving lesson today, the first since booking my driving test last week (ooh, did I forget to mention it?) for the 17th of May. I was driving around with my partner on Saturday and nearly killed us which was sort of kinda not fun at all. Gotta get it all sorted soon!

And on other side news, puppy Leo wasn't very good on Saturday. When we left for Dim Sum he pulled the bed covers off, tearing most of them, forcing us to throw away the expensive set, but at least the mattress and blanket weren't really damaged. Later that day when he was left alone he destroyed the last doggie mattress he shared with Kato. So we were really angry with him and the dogs now don't get access to the bedroom when we're not home. Leo learnt very quickly and we since left the dogs alone several times and all is well. So far. It was our fault, really, as we went out of our way to make sure he was rarely left alone without any humans, so no wonder he would freak out. Now we try to leave the dogs alone for at least an hour every day.

Also saw Transamerica on Sunday at a really cool cinema in Hampstead where you sit on sofas and can bring wine, tea and fancy snacks in with you. I didn't watch Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line, but I can't see how she could've possibly done a better job than Felicity Huffman in Transamerica and win an Oscar. Excellent film. Original, funny and captivating. Good stuff.


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