Thursday, April 06, 2006

Aide Team Days 3 &4

Today I passed my first aid at the work assessment and I'll soon get my certificate by post. Yay!

Yesterday we covered more serious stuff such as CPR, poisons and other bits and pieces and today we practiced everything and were assessed after lunch. It was a long day and a bit stressing. I knew I'll pass, I just wanted it to be over as the anticipation was the worst part. It's a shame that only today, at the last day, I started clicking with some of the people who turned out to be very nice. A bunch of us went to the pub at the end of the day, including Julie the instructor.

There were, obviously, a few twats. I was unlucky to sit right next to the two twatiest people in our class and as a result ended up teaming up with them most of the time. They were both from the same investment company. The boy wasn't really a bad person, just immensely patronizing and irritating. When we worked together we were both learning, but it didn't stop him from telling me what to do and correcting my mistakes in a very authoritative manner as if he was the instructor. Then one of the real instructors will tell him he's wrong, that what I did originally was correct and he would apologize. Fair enough, but five minutes later he'll do it all over again. And if I did something OK he would congratulate me in the same tone you'll congratulate a three year old for drawing a stick man family. I lived in the UK for more than eight years, I'm now British and my English is perfectly fine - but I have a foreign accent. So people, like that guy, assume that I'm a retard. He would say things like "inhale" and quickly simplify it to "breath in" and so on. Ugh.

The girl, for a lack of a better word, was simply a bitch. The sort you'll find in American teen dramas. She didn't like me and I didn't like her. I'm just glad I'll never see them again (then again you never know).

I did piss them off when I decapitated our PCR dummy. The instructors told us to poke around and get familiar with it... So I wanted to see how far her head can twist, do a little Linda Blair impression. The head fell off and when we got it back on she wasn't working properly. So they teachers had to fix it and my team lost some practice time. But who gives a poop?

Our team, Aide Team won which was nice and we got a bag of sweets. Yay.

It's was fun, but I'm glad it's over. Tomorrow it's back to work. Though actually I did pop into work yesterday between the first aid training and the IGDA meeting to check my work e-mail and catch up with what's going on.

Still quite bummed about losing my phone...


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