Monday, April 03, 2006

Aide Team

Today I started my four days First Aid at the Workplace course at St. John's Ambulance near Baker Street. It meant getting up an hour earlier, but also getting home an hour earlier. I technically missing work, but what I am doing is a lot like work anyway.

The first day, unsurprisingly, covered the basic. There were quite a few of us there and we learnt how apply bandages, slings and how to deal with fainting and epilepsy amongst other things. The next couple of days we will learn about more serious injuries with a couple of assessments at the last day. We were also split into four teams and had competition assessments. I came up with our team name, the Aide Team. Isn't it so clever you just want to die? So far we're leading by about two points, but there are three more days to go.

I am very happy I got this opportunity. Four people were sent from my company. Initially I missed out on it as I voiced my interest a little too late, but when one person dropped out, I got my chance to go. I always wanted to be trained in providing first aid. You never know when someone you love might be in trouble and the worst possible thing is to watch helplessly as they die in front of your eyes. Having the power to help people and even save their lives is something very special. This has worked out so well for me.

I can't wait until someone at work loses a limb or gets electrocuted so I can show off my L33T first aid skills! (Err... Kidding)

It gave me an appetite for more. I think after this first aid course I'm going to tackle brain surgery. I'm only getting started!


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Anonymous said...

You know you could always become a St. John Ambulance volunteer. Put all those skills to good use + you get to hang out at all the concerts and top sports events for free!