Tuesday, April 18, 2006

All sorts of stuff

The Easter break was nice and relaxing. Didn't really do much, but then again we'll be going on a two weeks vacation in June so staying home with the dogs, watching TV and playing games wasn't too bad.

Had my first car accident on Friday during a driving lesson. It wasn't my fault, as the car behind me rammed into us from behind when I was stopped, but as a learner driver the first thing that crossed my mind was "Oh crap! What have I done? I must have forgot to do something, it must be my fault!" But it wasn't, so yay. I felt bad for the other guy though, as he damaged his car quite badly and he'll have to make a claim on his insurance for both cars.

Watched Scary Movie 4 yesterday. My partner hated it even though he mostly enjoyed the previous entries in the series. I liked about half of it and groaned about the other half. It was fun, but not as tight as the first movie in the series. 6/10

And speaking of my dogs (well, I did in the first paragraph) here are more pictures of them! Woohoo! Or should that be Woofhoo?

Sorry, that was a very bad pun.


Super cute

Shiny in the sun



Janie said...

They are very super cute :) xx

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