Monday, April 24, 2006

E-Bay Adventures

Last night I left my first negative feedback on E-Bay. I always avoided leaving negative feedback, but in this case I felt like I had to warn other people who wanted to buy the same product.

Well, it was also my fault a little. I should have known better.

The first time I got screwed over on E-Bay was when I pre-ordered Series 2 of I Love Lucy. I never got the product and by the time I filed a complaint with Paypal it was more than 30 days after the payment and nothing could've been done. So lesson number 1 kids, never preorder on E-Bay.

The next time I simply never recieved a DS Japanese dictionary I paid for and I managed to get a full refund with Paypal.

But this time it was something else: I got the product, but it was crap. I bought Queer As Folk series 1-4 (the American version). The first thing that surprised me was that this was a Chinese version of the show. It was nicely packaged, but had odd things on it: it had a warning about sexual adult content AND a PG rating logo right next to each other which was really bizarre. The discs had no English text to indicate what was in them or in what order I should watch them (I suppose that information was there in Chinese) so I had to test them randomally to find out. Nice. If that wasn't enough some of them had little bits of glue on them. Fine, I can clean that.

But then the real joke happened: at least two episodes in the first series had 10 minutes missing from the end. I had to download the episodes off the internet to watch the endings.

I contacted the seller and asked for a full refund. I said I was willing to send him back the boxset only if he'll pay for the delivery as I refused to lose money over the crappy product he supplied me. He refused to pay for the delivery and asked me to send it to him first. I didn't like that idea, because then I'll end up with nothing and by the time he'll get back to me it'll be more than 30 days since the payment and I could be really royally screwed. So I just told him to forget it, that he could keep my money and that he should be ashamed of himself for selling such crappy products. He said that's the condition he got the discs from his supplier, but I explained that I bought it from him and hold him accountable. It's up to him to make sure he's not selling crap.

So I left him the negative feedback and in return he left me negative feedback. I knew that will happen, which is why I usually avoid leaving negative feedback, but I also knew that I had to warn others who considered buying the same boxset from this guy.

But here's the really annoying thing: I should've seen it coming. For one thing look at this: the guy can barely write in English and is based in Germany. Only buy something when you are happy with what the product description tells you. If you get something else you have every right to claim you were lied to. Also, I should have enquired first and asked if it was the US version of the series, not something from Asia. In the past I recieved from Hong Kong several DS and GBA games that were obviously fakes with plenty of spelling mistakes on the boxes (though they worked just fine).

If you look carefully you can see the Chinese writing on the right side, should've noticed it!

So I'll be far more careful from now on. Then again that's what I said last time!


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