Friday, April 28, 2006

End of an Era

Tomorrow I'm turning 28.

I'm not crazy about getting older and I'm not crazy about getting nearer to thirty, but it's a good excuse to throw a little party. Just a few friends (old and new), videogames, snacks, food and drinks. It will be fun.

My 27th year was very good and I can't complain. Started it as a tester and during that year managed to get promoted to Lead Tester and then to Game Designer, Leo the Great Dane joined our family, I became British, I started my driving lessons and became a trained First Aider. I'll be more than happy if I'll achieve half as much in my 28th year (starting with passing my driving test next year).

So looking back, I guess I am quite lucky. And being surrounded with friends tomorrow will make it even clearer to me. I'm like that, you see: if I don't get enough reminders, sometimes I just forget that I'm actually happy.



Eduardo said...

Happy birthday. :)
I'm going to go play some guitar now, Wii!

Mickey said...

Thanks :)

Janie said...

You have lots of crayzee friends, a small cockatiel, and a green haired gnome who think you're a lovely pumpkin :D xx