Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reviews time again!

I picked up BMX XXX at my local shop yesterday. It was pre-owned for £2.99 so I just couldn't say no. I've been dying to try it and see what all the fuss was about.

To be honest, it was a waste of £2.99. It simply wasn't that offensive. You get a few laughs from how bad it is, but most are when you read the back cover of the box. It boasts the game features hardcore gameplay, hookers, pimps and dogs on heat. Really.

In the actual game rather than have a short clever animation for the developer's logo there's a videoclip of a girl in a wet t-shirt with the company's logo. Clever! You can dress up the ladies in sexy outfits and then you get to the actual game. It's basically just like any Tony Hawk game only with really boring and mundane level design and even worse mission design (destory 3 of this, collect 10 of that and so on). Apparently you can unlock videoclips with adult content, but I really couldn't be bothered playing through this borefest. People who want porn are advised to just cut the middle man and buy actual porn. There really is nothing to see here.

I have nothing against porn and erotic content, but this garbage almost makes me happy Acclaim went bust. Almost. I mean, imagine if this game was a huge success and spawned many sequels and clones... Scary thought.


On the other hand I finally bought Sonic Adventure DX and I'm loving it. I played the Dreamcast version almost halfway through and now I intend to play it to the end and unlock as many of the hidden Gamegear Sonic games 9even though they haven't aged very well).

The Sonic Adventure games are flawed both in terms of gameplay and camera, but they are still fun and imaginative. There's nothing else like it. Besides, it's nice to play something that's not World of Warcraft.


Happy Passover/Easter!


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