Monday, August 07, 2006


I've been neglecting this blog a bit, but I found a good reason to write. I'm going to share my Nachos recipe with the billions of readers of this blog.

It's not an entirely original recipe, just a spin on an old favourite that's super easy to make, tasty and filling. Now when I order nacho plates at pubs I'm disappointed that it's not nearly as good as the one I make at home.


A big bag of nachos (I use Tesco plain Nachos, avoid flavoured ones)
A can of beans (experiment with different types, my favourite is Tesco's Taco Mix)
A jar of Salsa (I really like the Nando's Peri Peri Salsa)
Mature Cheddar Cheese (I grate my own since it tastes better, but you can buy it grated to save time and effort)

2 tomatoes, a bit of garlic and salt.

Sour cream


Take a soup/cereal bowl and put a thick layer of nachos. Tops it with salsa, beans and cheese until the nachos are all covered. The exact quantities are not an exact science and you could experiment to find your favourite balance. Cover the mess with more tacos and repeat (I usually use three layers of nachos) until the bowl is heaped with goodies.

Preheat oven to 180 (160 if fan assisted) and heat it for 8 minutes.

The garlic, tomatoes and salt should be put in a blender until they become a creamy smooth dip. Again, the amount of garlic and salt is up to you. Another way to approach is to just chop it all into tiny bits.

Pour the tomatoes dip to one ramekin and put sour cream in the other ramekin.

The nachos bowl should be very hot, so be very careful!

Either dip nachos in the dips (hence the name) or spoon it over the bowl.

With a bit more effort you can add to the bowl fried minced beef or cooked chicken to make it more substantial and carnivore-friendly.

Writing all of this makes want to have some nachos now. Damn.

Please let me know if it turned out OK for you or if you have any ideas how improve it further.



Janie said...

I can highly recommend Mickey's recipe. He made me some two weeks ago and we ate them and watched The Hills Have Eyes. They were super delicious - the nachos, not the eyes xxx

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