Monday, January 29, 2007

Blame World of Warcraft!

Clips from the Tyra Banks show regarding a World of Warcraft addict.

Man, watching that pissed me off a little.

I got The Burning Crusade a few weeks ago and I was playing it quite a bit over the last few weeks, pretty much abandoning all my other games. But that's not unique, the same happens often when I get a great game that sucks me in (Kingdom Hearts 2, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4 and so on). I still went out to meet people, spent time watching TV with my partner, going to the gym and taking care of my dogs.

The whole videoclip was just so partonizing and crap television. Tyra doesn't even know what the game is about. WoW isn't just a game, you play it with other people and that makes it a social activity. It doesn't justify playing 40+ weekly hours, but know what you're talking about.

The magical solution of shredding the discs is such a joke. For one thing, once installed, you don't need to have the original discs to play (again, know what you're talking about) and nothing stops the guy from buying the game again or borrowing discs from friends to re-install it. Obviously the problems in that relationship goes much deeper than just the game and if the guy has an addictive personality and a desire to escape his real-life responsibilities, he'll find something else to get addicted to. It kinda brings to mind the song "Blame Canada" from the South Park movie.

For example, he can get addicted to watching crappy chat shows that offer magical solutions to complex problems. I never watch that show, but can someone please enlighten me and tell me if Tyra ever did a show about guys who want to leave their girlfriends because they watch too many soaps and talk shows? I wouldn't imagine she would want to piss off her main demographic!



Neric said...

1. Your gear must have sucked
2. Your kid is ugly
3. Your gear sucked

Regrets? THAT girl/whale wasnt worth it.

Tiara Banks, F off


gamergal said...

I agree with you. Addiction is a symptom of something deeper. Leaving one's responsibilities for something else is wrong.
It's up to the guy who was on that show to determine if the girl was worth it, even then it's subjective crap. She needs to take care of herself if he doesnt put some balance into his life.
I love World of Warcraft or any game that immerses me in what I consider fun.

pwntjooooooo said...

Assbags abound on the net(read two post up.)
Wow is a cool game, it's a shame that it's polluted by elitist fucks who resort to scapegoating to try to support such arguments.

Anonymous said...

Tyra Banks certainly shows her ignorance about certain things, but fighting against World of Warcraft is definately a good thing. When an atheist likes me seriously thinks you go to hell for playing World of Warcraft, it's bad. Don't play WoW, do something better. For example sitting and staring at a wall is something much more creative, fun and intelligent than playing WoW.

Anonymous said...

The best solution to this COMPLEX problem is try to play the game with youe girlfriend/boyfirend/patner. I play it with my fiance and it's great but I also realise it's fun and don't take it too seriously.

And Tyra she used to be a model so that's why I don't blame her for this crappy talk show. I wouldn't expect great things from her

All the best

jimbob said...

The women what eva her name was dont no shit 2 things, once WoW is on ur pc u dont need the disc to pklay it and 2 if u uninstall it now he can jus go buy another bcuz they didnt destroy the accout those fuktards

MaximilianLundberg said...

Lol mickey, you love Blame Canada WAAAAY to much. :P

Denamic said...

The goldspam spreads even here..

This goes into the same category as things like 'Games make people kill other people'.
You'd think the problem lies elsewhere, but you'd be wrong.
Games are the universal scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

she is just scared people will stop watching TV. silly bint.

The wife only wants what she wants... to watch TV with him ( she doesnt care if hes bored ).

My advice is, if you play online games find a wife who does!