Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm baaack. Sort of.

Been a while, wasn't it? Not that I think anyone was reading this blog regularly anyway. I'm writing it mostly for myself, at least for the moment.

I was writing this blog and the Puppy Love comicstrips as a way to keep practicing, to make sure I write on a regular basis. That stopped when I started working very hard on a real project I can't talk about yet. Suddenly I didn't need to practice as I was doing the real thing.

But since it can fall apart at any moment, I can't talk about it yet. When it's announced properly or falls flat on its face, that's when I'll be able to share.

So the most exciting thing that's going on in my life is something I can't talk about. This does not bode well for a blog, now does it?

So instead I'll do something I was thinking about doing for a long time, but never got around to do. Write about all my past attempts at breaking into the comics industry and various other related anecdotes. While nothing spectacular, these are fun little stories that some people might find interesting and I would like to write down. I could only call it "How I Didn't Break Into the Comics Industry (Yet)".


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