Saturday, July 12, 2008


My son was born seven weeks ago and now that I'm getting over the initial baby shock I'll be trying to write again.

I planned to write a lot about the experience of being a parent, but when it actually happened not was I only too tired to write, I also found the whole experience to be very personal. But I guess I can share some aspects of my new life.

I don't really recognize my life anymore. So many changes in so little time. First I left my job of over three years and now I'm in Toronto for several months away from every semblance of my former life with the sole exception of my husband who is my only constant. I especially miss my dogs so much that it hurts. We had a picture of them as the laptop's wallpaper, but it had to be changed as it became too painful to look at it.

And there's of course this little guy who needs to be taken care of full time. Since my husband still works on the phone and the computer, it means that I need be the full time mommy, a job I enjoy most of the time. I haven't had a good nigh sleep since the birth, but I got used to it by now. Overall my son is a very good baby. The long term plan is for me to kick off my freelance career again or at least use the time to write more, but with the lack of sleep I find it hard to concentrate and produce work. At least I get enough time between feedings and changing and bottle making to genuinely relax by taking extra naps, play videogames or watch TV.

A nap right now would actually be nice!



mr-mlk said...

The lack of sleep really does kill doesn't it. ;)

How long are you in Toronto? The flight back is going to hard. Little one is not going it.

Stefan Lanfer said...

hang in there. routines will come. our son didn't sleep through the night until 14 months, but now is reliably down for 10 or more, which means all kinds of time to reconnect with spouse, writing, whatever - though we are about to return to crazy phase with baby girl arriving any day. you can have it all. just not all at the same time. try to enjoy each season. and take time out for a 'resentment' check with your partner. we found it is very easy for both to get caught thinking they are doing the lion's share of the work and getting too little recognition for it.

Mickey said...

Mlk: We hope to be back by mid-August as soon as Blake gets his British passport and yeah, not expecting it to be easy. :)

Stefan: Thanks for the tips and congratulations on the future addition to the family.

While I do most of the work with the baby right now, I don't resent my husband as I know he has to take care of the baby AND work. We'll see how things will balance out in the future.