Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Off the wagon.

I was clean for almost a year, but I fell off the wagon last week. I had a weird dream about World of Warcraft (too weird and abstract to really explain) and then next morning I was downloading the game and reactivating my account. That took a bit, especially when facing Windows Vista issues when trying to apply patches. But I'm back.

Being a full time dad is tiring, but my son does sleep in good chunks so I do have some free time to kill, but due to fragmented sleep not enough concentration to actually do anything really productive. Hopefully that will change as he'll gradually sleep more through the night and so will I. So I decided to use the free time to play some WoW again.

And it feels good. Most particularly the guild chat and being able to joke around with many friends while completing repetitive yet addictive tasks. Most of my friends moved a server so I created a new character there and still wait for my main Rogue (or Puppy Love fame, see side bar) to be moved in a paid transfer. Unfortunately this is delayed due to some payments problems though I know my card is fine as I used it to reactivate the account only days ago. Weird.

It's odd considering I was sure that I was done with the game for good. Damn you Blizzard.

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