Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The poop post.

Haven't been writing my intended one post a day since I sunk my teeth into a "proper" writing gig, a book to be exact. I might write about that process in future posts as it's taking a huge chunk of my life now and I have a lot to say about that too.

But before that, it's time for a Blake post.

I don't think I've written about poop yet, so here it is: The poop post. And I can write it now able to look back at thirteen months of poop.

Blake was born 411 days ago. Assuming I changed four diapers a day, it means I did 1,644 nappy changes in a little over a year. Sure, my husband helped with quite a few of them, but take into account that the first few months had as many as eight diapers a day and the fact that I'm the main diaper changer, the number should be still quite close, probably a bit higher. Now, Blake didn't poop every day, but almost. So roughly one diaper in five was poopy. That's 328.8 poopy diapers (I wouldn't want to be the one handling that dirty 0.8 diaper!). Again, the number is probably higher as there were times where Blake pooped more than once a day.

(In a few years time when Blake goes through this blog's archives I bet he's going to LOVE reading about his papa talking about his pooping habits. Don't be embarrassed Blake, we all poop!)

Before the birth, changing poopy diapers (sounds better than saying shitty) was one of the things I dreaded. I didn't need to, really. I had two Great Danes and they poop BIG. Having to scoop after them or clean an explosive diarrhoea (as they say, shit happens) off the kitchen floor and cupboards has prepared me for the worst of it. There was nothing Blake could do with his poo to faze me. Even when he did his world famous double-poo in his early days (tip: if your baby just finished pooping - WAIT BEFORE YOU UNPACK. He might not be done yet!)

Now he's thirteen months, walking and running. He's really still a baby, but he's looking more and more like a little boy with every passing day. So it's quite odd to suddenly hear grunts from the hallways, come over and see him standing on all four, his bum in the air, pushing and grunting.

The day has come.

We're ordering a potty from the Babies R Us website.

To be continued!