Monday, March 01, 2010

Gay Dad

The main reason for this blog was to write about the unique experiences of a gay father. So far, fortunately, we've had very few of those. Looking back at all the significant experiences, there was nothing gay about them. We mentioned we were gay parents wherever we took our son (like nursery) just to make sure we got it out of the way at the start to avoid any nasty surprises later and so far absolutely everyone was OK with it.

Probably just dumb luck, but regardless, we have encountered zero homophobia as parents. So far anyway. It's all fine and dandy. I'm all for fighting for gay rights and breaking down doors, I just don't want to use my own son as a battering ram. Some shit will hit some fan at some point, I guess, but  for now I enjoy our family's peaceful existence.

There was also no homophobic comments on my blog yet either.  Not even one. Maybe that's more to do with the fact that my blog get less visitors than a Texas science museum.

Again, not complaining.  Just observing.



Andrew said...

I for some reason (I honestly can't remember...old linked from another site to an interesting post? quite likely) have had you in my RSS feed for years, just you never posted anything for months until now? I'm ploughing through my feeds to get it down to a more manageable size, I'm surprised you were posting again.

It quite likely was a game-related post, considering you're in my Game Developers RSS section. All for reading about other things though, all is good.

Anyway, seems your blog attracts some spam at least, on your latest post, hehe :) That's a reader, of sorts, right?

Mickey said...

I've been writing this blog on and off for over four years with some big breaks in between. My last break lasted only a couple of months, so I'm getting better at writing regularly. Lets see how 2010 goes!

I write mostly about what interests me. When I was working as a game designer I was writing more about game development. Now that I'm a father I write more about that. I was thinking of maybe splitting the blog into two blogs, but what happens if I want to write about something that doesn't fall into either category? Create a third misc blog? :)

I get quite a lot of spam, especially in Chinese, considering the low traffic I get. It does make me feel a tiny bit important though.

Andrew said...

I look at the spam statistics and am glad 3,894 were automatically blocked, and my site is dead-unknown! :D

Yeah, one blog is all I ever want from someone who writes interesting things, I've seen experiments at multiples of, and no, they never work - something always overlaps so you always need to subscribe to it all anyway!