Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homophobia, a Lesser Bigotry? The Sequel

It seems that I'm not going to run out of homophobic news items to talk about any time soon. This time a Bed & Breakfast guest house in England has turned away a couple once the owner realized they were gay.

 Michael Black and John Morgan, the "sinners".

The owner, Susanne Wilkinson, claimed that it was "against her convictions" for two men to share a bed.

Ms Wilkinson told the BBC: "They gave me no prior warning and I couldn't offer them another room as I was fully booked.

Oh really, Ms Wilkinson? So it would've been OK for them to stay in a room with twin beds? How would you know if they didn't bang each other on the carpet or in the shower? Is it literally men sharing a bed that bothers you or is it more about where they stick their willies? Oh my, Ms Wilkinson. how very unladylike of you to concern yourself with such intimate details.

The UK has its faults, but at least it's illegal under the Equality Act 2006 to discriminate against people on the grounds of sexual orientation. Sucks to be you Ms Wilkinson.

"I don't see why I should change my mind and my beliefs I've held for years just because the government should force it on me." She has whined incessantly. "I am not a hotel, I am a guest house and this is a private house."

Oh really? Do you have friends staying over with you for free, Ms Wilkinson, or are you accepting strangers as paid customers as a licensed business? A guest house is not a private house, it's a business that is open to the public.

The government doesn't tell you what to think. You can still think that gay people are evil, disgusting and with a one way ticket to hell. Nobody really cares what sort of nonsense is swirling around in that primitive brain of yours. But if you have a business that is open to the public and advertises on-line, you can't just discriminate and break the law. Sorry, the good old days are over. I'm sure lots of people are equally frustrated that they can't ban Jews and blacks from their place of business.

My heart is breaking.


 Looks nice, huh? Sorry, you can't go there if you're a fudge packer.


Mark said...

Believe me, she'll get hers when she tries to enter the Pearly Gates and is turned away.

Mrs. Wilkinson: I know I was a bigot in life but please let me in.

St. Peter: I don't see why I should change my beliefs I've had for years just because you want me to.

Mickey said...

St. Peter has more style. He'll also say something along the lines of : "I can't let a bigot like you stay in the nice rooms. I'd give you one of the crappy rooms, but we're fully booked."

Bobby said...

If I tried to check in with my boyfriend and she said sorry, but you can't stay here unless you use a room with two beds and we're out of those, I would have looked her straight in the eye and said "Oh it's OK we usually have sex in the shower anyway"...