Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homophobia, a Lesser Bigotry?

A mini controversy is doing the rounds in the media and various gay blogs regarding a Catholic school in Denver kicking out the child of a lesbian couple. A popular response, even from gay people, was "why would any gay parents want to send their children to a religious school anyway? Especially Catholic?".

Which is missing the point entirely.

The question should be, what kind of outrage would there be if a school kicked out a white child because he had adoptive black parents? I can see riots in the streets in response. Some people must be rolling their eyes as they read this analogy. Obviously it's not the same thing, right?

Well, it is. It is most certainly exactly the same thing. It's only not the same thing if you're one of the people who believe that being gay is a choice that only sinners make. Being gay I can assure you that I can't help being gay more than Michael Jackson couldn't help being black (oops, bad example). Anyway, my point is, gay people can't stop being gay. The only thing they can do is oppress themselves (as many sadly do) which isn't healthy or fair.

It's true that most Catholics have an issue with gay people, but to be honest I, pardon my French, don't give a shit. I'm technically Jewish, but I don't really follow any religion. For me the difference between a "religion" and a "cult" is how long it's been around and how many people follow it. If a new religion will pop out tomorrow and will declare that according to their views Asians are filthy and evil would anyone tolerate their views out of respect to their faith? It's fine to have your own spiritual make-believe views about the world as long as you don't hurt other people. Kicking out two children just because their parents are gay is certainly very hurtful to the parents, their kids and gays in general.

Additionally, gay people have the right to be spiritual and even religious. I don't get it personally, but sure, why not? Also, why assume that they have gay sex? Like many married couples they might not be having any sex whatsoever for years. Is the school so nosey regarding the sex life of the rest of the parents? Are they sure none of the "straight" parents cheated on their spouses or, God forbid, are closeted gays who hook up on the internet once in a while? The more they focus on the lesbians' sex life as the reason for their actions, the more ridiculous they look. Maybe they should form a special volunteer force that will keep track of all the parents' genitals?

So don't ask me if the Sacred Heart of Jesus parish school has the right to kick out the kids of gay parents. The question should be, do they have the right to kick out the kids of any minority group?

The Archbishop of Denver, Charles J. Chaput, is a disgusting hateful backward bigot for defending the move. There's not much I can do regarding this issue other than voice my disgust and hope that common sense, compassion and justice will win in the long run.



Marco said...

This is the stuff of nightmares.... I wont spend time agreeing with you, cause I dont need to, I only hope I will have the strength to fight back if this was ever to happen to my son.... The bullying I had to endure as a child still haunts me today and these happenings make me feel like those times I had to hide in my room are not so far away after all..... I do hope as you do, that justice and compassion will prevail over religion and bigotry.

lovesmukiwa said...

We are foster parents in a very small community - with a catholic school and a public school. We had a young girl come to our home as a foster child and she had previously attended a catholic school in another community. We went to register her at the catholic school here in town and they would not register her because my partner and I are lesbian. They didn't "say" they wouldnt register her but they stalled and stalled AND STALLED until we just couldnt justify keeping her out of school any longer while we waited for them to accpet her and put her into a classroom. It is despicable and disgusting behavior.

Mickey said...

Yeah Marco, it is quite awful. I can't possibly imagine how confusing it must be for the little ones.

Lovesmukiwa, I'm sorry to hear that your family had to go through that with your foster child. What a lousy way to "reward" you for your good deed. :(