Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Japan: It's Not Funny Anymore.

I stumbled across this article in Kotaku today. Scrolling quickly through it I was turned off by its epic length and decided it wasn't worth reading. But then a couple of paragraphs caught my eye and I found myself reading it all the way from the beginning. It was truly fascinating.

Japan is a weird country and I was always curious about it. I'm by no means a Japanophile. I'm not into Manga or Anime with very few exceptions (The Battle Royale Manga is sublime), I love Japanese food, but not as much as Mexican and while I enjoy Japanese videogames, I can't say I like them more than western videogames. 

Still, I was curious enough about Japan to learn the language  for four years before (temporarily?) giving up. The plan was for me to visit Japan on my 30th birthday, but Blake's birth threw a wrench in the works. My real dream was to live in Japan for a year or more, but with a baby, husband and two dogs that's impossible to do now, unless we all move together which is even less likely than Miley Cyrus still having a career in twenty years.

But after reading Tim Roger's article I suspect that a two weeks visit would've been more than enough. I always thought Japanese culture was quirky, but reading this makes me suspect it's leaning more towards creepy. I wouldn't know for sure until I lived there myself, but the Japanese people I met outside of Japan were all lovely and adorable.

Kotaku's editors could put a bit more effort into proofreading and the attempt to link every singe category to videogames is a bit unnecessary, but it's still a fantastic read.

So yeah, this column is long, but you kinda wish it went on for longer. Could even be the foundation for a very interesting book.



I lied. I haven't read it all. It's too long. I got as far as the hostess bars. I'll read the rest tomorrow.

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