Friday, March 19, 2010

Moms VS Dads

Today at swimming class I was throwing Blake all over the place as usual. Splish-splash-sploosh. All the other little ones stopped whatever they were doing and were smiling at us. We were rocking the pool.

"I'm afraid mommy can't do that. This is a game you should do with daddy.' One mom said to her little girl, then turned to a fellow female next to her with a smile. 'Daddies get all the fun games. Mommies get the boring ones.'

Oh, you bet sister! In your face moms! One point for the guys. It's enough that you get the whole bonding by breast feeding stuff that I can only dream about. I mean, the emotional bonding that comes with it, I don't actually want to lactate. Ewww.

Well, to be honest, I wish I could get pregnant. Pregnancy complications and giving birth are scary, but I think it's a fair trade-off for the mind blowing experience of having a living creature grow inside you. I mean the good kind of living creature growing inside you, not the chest bursting alien kind. Not to mention that being able to get pregnant will make it much easier to have more babies which I would love to. As it is now it's a complicated and expensive process...

But nobody asks me. At the moment, putting aside the stupid Arnold Schwarzenegger movie,  it's not currently an option for a man to get pregnant. Good thing too, as having to get a vagina would be a deal breaker for me anyway.



Kelly's Uterus said...

Actually, pregnancy with heart burn is a lot like ALIEN! LOL

lovesmukiwa said...

I wish I could pregnant as much as you do!

Mickey said...

Well, many moms do actually prefer that the "monster" would "burst" out through their belly in a c-section rather than from between their legs. :D

Marion Palmer said...

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