Thursday, March 18, 2010

My House Episode.

 I love House. I think it's a really clever TV that manages to succeed despite its very limited formula. Well, last week's episode, Black Hole, was the worst House episode ever with every single cliché the series has ever mastered. One wrong diagnosis after the other until House comes up with the answer when talking about something else entirely. Oh, the diagnostics team are all heart surgeons now as well! And they manage to expertly operate a sci-fi device that transform subconscious thought into videos. Very tedious, stupid and unenjoyable despite a few funny lines of dialogue and the usual good acting. I hope they get their act together next week.

I wrote my own House episode and managed to stick it into one comic panel:

 Click to enlarge

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Mark said...

Now if you wrote the script for House, I would actually watch it.