Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Tiny Biggest Fan

Before I was a college lecturer and before I was a game designer I was an animator. Before I was an animator I was an animation student. Before that I was an aspiring actor, but that's going a little bit too far back and irrelevant to this post.

In 1999 when I was finishing my college diploma I made this short film. It was my first ever 3D animation and unfortunately I never managed to top it with future efforts as eventually I realized I was just not passionate enough about animation.

Regardless, I'm still quite fond of this little gem. It features Daddy's and Papa's voices at the very end with most of the voice work done by our dear friend Tim who passed away six years later.

The best part? Blake loves this short animation and laughs out loud at key points where there are silly voices and noises. I find that to be beyond awesome. It's the best compliment I ever got for any of the work I have ever done. How could I know back then that my main target audience wasn't going to be born for another nine years?



My movie is from 1999, a whole year before the horror movie spoof by the same name came out. I chose that name as that was an unused alternate name for Scream when it was still in development.


Mark said...

I love the plot twist towards the end. I don't have a finger nail left. I'll show it to the kids tonight to see how they like it. m.

Mickey said...

Oh my! Another happy customer. How exciting! Please do let me know what the little ones think. I hope they like it. I know it's not as slick as the stuff they get from Pixar. :D

Guadalupe Williamson said...

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