Sunday, March 07, 2010

Perfect Day

Friday was a lovely and busy day, most of it unplanned.

In the morning we had a swimming lesson as usual. I teach on Tuesdays and Wednesdays which is a bit tiring, so I usually have a nice big nap on Thursday. This Thursday my nap was too good and I couldn't fall asleep for a long time. So  I had to do my usual morning routine with Blake and the dogs and head out to the swimming lesson with a little over three hours of sleep. 

Once we got to the school I opened the door to take Blake out of the car as well as the bag with all our stuff, only to find out that while I packed everything we needed, I left the bag at home. D'oh! I glanced at the school across the street and I looked at Blake. He was ready to hop out of his seat and get some action. What was I to do? If we drive back home to get the bag, by the time we'll get back the lesson will be finished. So no lesson this week? That meant that instead of one week between lessons, it'll be two. In baby time two weeks is like two years. I couldn't possibly be that cruel to him. How bad was it? We were both ready under our clothes: I wore swimming trunks and Blake had his disposable Swimmers on. So we didn't have a towel, we could dry ourselves with my t-shirt. I don't have underwear, but I can always go commando (shh... Don't tell anyone). It only left the problem of Blake's diaper change for after the swim.

Then I realized that wasn't a problem after all. I suddenly remembered that exactly for that reason I used to stick diapers everywhere, just in case. And indeed I did find a couple of diapers tucked away behind one of the seats and they were still big enough even though Blake has recently moved from stage +4 to 5.

So off we went in. I don't know if the moms have been reading my blog, but I felt an even colder shoulder from some (maybe they think that the fact that I choose to spend the time playing with my son rather than chat to them about shopping means that I'm a snob). Just my imagination, I'm sure. The second group had two dads this time, though one of them had something on his skin, I think the medical term is "weird yucky stuff", so I'm glad I didn't have to share a pool with him. Having three dads in one day meant that this time the boys' changing room was indeed the boys' and I didn't have to worry too much about being walked in on. We rinsed quickly, towelled with my t-shirt, got dressed, rushed to the car, drove quickly home and had a proper shower. By the way, when my husband read my original swimming lessons post he said I came across as a bitch. Nice! I don't do that nearly enough. If you don't let your inner bitch out once in a while, she's going to shred your innards.

We have Sam staying with us right now. He's Miron's Godson and Blake's Godfather. Yeah, it's a bit of Godinbreeding, especially when you consider that Blake's bio-mom is also his Godmother. Since the day was nice I suggested we'll go to the London Eye (a massive Ferris wheel in the heart of London),  something I haven't done in a while. Blake loved it, but was a bit overwhelmed as you can see.

Looking out at the views was interesting, but he was far more interested in exploring the inside of the capsule. There was a nice bench in the middle to climb over, a cute six year old blonde with a pink bag and some very interesting women to ogle. He flirted with them and even got an Italian lady to pick him up and give him a long cuddle. I was tiny bit embarrassed by his forwardness (I wouldn't go as far as calling him a cuddle slut - oops, I just did), but she insisted it was fine. Who wouldn't want to cuddle with Blakey?


Miron waited below and suggested we should visit the aquarium right next door. Why not? We already took Blake to the zoo once, but not an aquarium. It was quite exciting even for us with plenty of things to see. In fact, by the end of it we were rushing by most of the displays stopping only at the really interesting ones. Blake enjoyed the sea life, but showed equal interest in the flooring, lighting and various decorations. He rushed busily all over the place, but was eventually picked up when he showed signs of tiredness. A great time to go for dinner, right? Wrong. As soon as we got into a nearby Chinese restaurant he got his second wind and I had to run after him the entire time with the exception of the few short moments when he chewed yummy food. Fortunately Sam was there to chase after Blake for a while to give me a few precious moments to wolf down my food.

On the way back home in the car Blake zonked out as expected. He woke up just long enough to drink his bottle and watch a bit of Baby Einstein before retiring for the night without any protest.

What a wonderful day it was full of simple pleasures. The kind of day that reminds you why we do what we do. Why we put up with all the crap in life: for those few rare moments of genuine happiness.

Life is good.


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