Friday, April 02, 2010

April Musings

Good. The first of the month is over so I can actually post without having to feel the need to sneak in a stupid April Fools' gag. 

I'm writing this mid-packing. We're off to Toronto and LA for Easter break. Blake will get to spend time with his bio-mom and his seven months younger half brother. I look forward to meet so many good friends in both cities.

One of the highlights will be taking Blake to Disneyland for the first time. As a kid I wanted to go there so badly and was so jealous of kids who did get there. I finally made it when I was twenty and as I was sitting in the It's a Small World ride I thought it was cute, but I was about fifteen years too late. Being there with Blake and seeing that place through his eyes is going to be the closest I'm ever going to get to experiencing it "properly".

I just hope Blake is going to keep getting better. He started going to nursery six weeks ago and with that, as expected and just like everybody warned us, came the illnesses. Nurseries are like big Petri dishes full of yucky germs. The cutest Petri dishes one can imagine, but still.

First it was a persistent cough. Then the occasional high temperature. Suddenly all the bottled medicine in our cabinet started seeing regular use. Then this week he started losing interest in food, especially his bottles which he usually loves. Then came the endless explosive diarrhoea that led to many leaky incidents. At least he kept wanting water. We've been to the doctor, but there's not much that can be done. The diarrhoea is still not completely gone. I hoped it would be behind him by now (Ha ha, get it? Behind him? I should get my own sitcom), but at least it's getting better in the way that it's less messy and he's eating better and acting more like his old self.

Back to packing!


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