Monday, April 19, 2010

Damn You Iceland!

Like many others, I'm grounded and can't fly back to the UK due to the volcanic ashes from Iceland. I guess this is where I enter a joke about Iceland the supermarket chain, but I couldn't be bothered. I want home to my puppies! I'm going to miss at least one, probably two, weeks of paid work and we have our dog/home sitter waiting for us too. 

It's all very nice to have more time in sunny LA, but the additional costs of staying are not that appealing. We will probably move to stay with family in a couple of days.

So it looks like April is going to be a very slim month for my blog as I just can't find the time or mood to sit down and write properly. I should've been home by now!

The only answer is to drink a big glass of water and go back to play some games on my PSP and DS while Daddy and Blake are napping in the other room.



Jon said...

Bloody Icelanders, first they stiff the Brits with their banking then they stiff the airlines with their ash! I propose the UK launches a few nukes to wipe out this miserable little ice cube in the middle of the Atlantic! LOL
Enjoy LA, it's not THAT bad a place to hang out. 8-)

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