Monday, May 03, 2010

Hide & Seek

Who knew playing hide and seek was going to be fun again one day?

(I'm still catching up with life and getting over the jetlag, so a cute Blake video is always a good filler!)



Marco said...

This little video moved me to tears. Blake is so cute, innocent and pure..... Children are a marvel, everyday.
Give him a big kiss from me and let's try to get together soon!


Don't post anything like this anymore or I will have to delete you from my blog roll. I have no mascara to waste here.

Mickey said...

Thanks! Your little one is also freakin' awesome. :)

Day said...

Happy Birthday Mickey(although a little late)-Marks Mom(our simple life)

Mark said...

Hey, how did my Mom beat me to it? I take a one day break to breathe and she makes me look bad.

Yes, I'm a little late too but Happy Birthday. Or as they say in England, Happy Birthday, but with an accent.

I love these home made videos and Blake squealing with delight is too funny. I will now remember your birthday next year since it's so close to mine. Maybe we can celebrate together?

Your Friend, m.(you know, Day's son).

Mickey said...

Thanks Day & Mark.

Not only you have awesome kids, you also have an awesome mom.

Lucky, lucky you.

BTW, Blake adores this video. He demands that I'll play it about four times at least each time.