Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hitler was sooo gaaay.

OK, first watch this clip:

We know homophobes exist. We hope that most of them are people we can educate and enlighten. It would've been quite accurate to describe my mother as severely homophobic in the past and she only saw the light after I came out to her and she realized I was still the same son she knew and loved and everything she thought she knew about "those gay people" was wrong.

It is a bit annoying sometimes to feel that we need to justify our right to exist and take it upon ourselves to dispel unfair stereotypes, but we do it anyway. Those of us who aren't in the closet hope that by being visible we can show people that we're not better or worse than straight people.

And then you see people like this Bryan Fischer from the clip above. What can you say to a guy who claims that not only Hitler and his peeps were all gay, they were extra evil and vicious because they were gay.  I know delusional crazies exist and I hear all kind of nonsense on a regular basis, but this was a rare occasion when my jaw just dropped for a few long seconds.

Where did he get this nonsense? Did he acquire some secret documents? Obviously he's lying, but is he aware of that? Does he make it up, justifying his lies for "the greater good", or does he really believe this crap due to some severe psychosis? 

How did these events exactly unfold anyway? Hitler came to his guys and was like "hey gang, slow day. Lets go kill Jews! Burn them and gas them; women and children too!" and his straight crew was all "hellz no, what are yo smokin' bro? We're outta here, peace out!". So Hitler was all bummed out that he couldn't carry his crazy plans and then he remembered that he was gay and that he and all of his gay friends were super evil and therefore were perfect for his plans! So he opened a Facebook group for gay evil people and that's how he recruited his people. The end.

Anyway, I can joke about the idiocy and ridiculousness of it all, but we should really be afraid. Because anyone who actually believes this nonsense is a very dangerous person. To make it even creepier these vile people are hiding under the most innocent-looking disguises possible, an organization that claims to promote family values.

AFA stands for American Family Association, but I think it's more apt to stand for American Fundamentalist Assholes.



Mark said...

What a Nut-Job!
I've never heard of him before just now. Hopefully, tons of others haven't either.
Your Friend, m.
p.s. I like your "street" talk.

.jon said...

Hmmm... Let's see. Herr Adolph was a failed artist who tried and tried and tried but never quite made it so moved on to the graveyward of failures all around the world: politics. He was very meticulous about his appearance and dress, some would call it foppish. His female conquests were never really discussed much, certainly not along the lines of the war stories your average red-blooded hetero male brags about. And he was a charismatic communicator to the masses and the average German schmoe, rising from otherwise obscurity to rule one of the most important nations in the world. Some would argue he was just a mouthpiece for a bunch of insidious fascists who really called the shots and aspired towards global domination. Oh wait Mr. Fischer are we sprechen about Hitler or your group's icon Ronald Reagan?? Was Ronnie a vegetarian too? I would imagine some major dietary discipline given the figure he kept. Seems like a lot of similarities there between Adolph and Ronald... Hmmm....

bellygirls said...

He's crazy!

I also find it amusing when I heard that gays were the reason for Hurricane Katrina and it was because of us that the planes crashed into the World Trade Centers. Did you know that we had THAT much power? I didn't. In fact, if we did have that much power, you would think we would have more rights than we do now. hmmm...

On another note - I have never seen or met a mean gay person. I mean, hello, gay means happy right? So wouldn't a mean gay person be an oxymoron?

Lunar Eclipse said...

Homaphobes suck