Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lost Lost Me

I like Lost. It's a great show and it's about to end. I want to talk about just one scene from this week's episode, so you haven't seen it or not sure if you did, STOP READING as there are major spoilers ahead. If you don't watch the show and don't intend to read on as knowledge of the show is not needed.

Anyway. Sun and Jin are a married couple. There's an explosion in the submarine they're in and Sun gets trapped under debris. The gang tries freeing her, with no success. Eventually as the sinking submarine fills with water, everyone leaves expect for Jin who keeps trying to save Sun. She shouts at him to go and he refuses. He keeps trying to save her. When it becomes clear that he can't release her , Sun shouts at him to go away one last time. He says he'll never leave her again and they have a touchy-feely moment before they both drown. She never really wanted Jin to swim away. You see, Sun was like a polite guest reclining the offer of cake, but secretly hoping that the host will keep offering until she would "have" to accept the yummy cake.

How very romantic.

Only one problem! THEY HAVE A YOUNG DAUGHTER! How come at no point did Sun scream at Jin that he should get the hell out so their daughter won't have to lose both parents?

If I was in Sun's shoes (made for tiny female Korean feet, my poor toes will be crushed!) I know that my son will be the main thing on my mind and I'll demand my husband to kindly swim to safety to be there for our son or I'll kill him myself before we both drown. Or I'd at least fart to make the little bit of air remaining in the submarine as foul as it could possibly be.

That scene really bothered me and hurt my immersion. It felt unrealistic, especially since they were both talking about their daughter just a couple of scenes earlier. 

I wonder if I would've had the same reaction if I saw that scene before I became a parent. I guess any movie/TV show/ story with parents and children affects me differently now. Before I became a parent I'd be aligning myself with the child character and now I almost always put myself in the parent's shoes. Weird.

Not sure how to end this post. Not sure I have a point.

Chocolate! (always a good ending)



Jon said...

I stopped watching season 3. I was going NUTS with all the tangents the plot and sub-plot and sub-sub-plot and the rescursiveness involved with all the plots. I WAS LOSING MY MIND! When this series is finally over I am going to rent all the DVDs and lock myself in a room for a week and watch the remaining seasons. Some of the best writing ever for a TV program but at some point the producers lost their perspective and thought viewers would go along with this rollercoaster plot forever....

Mark said...

Hey, I saw your post yesterday and had to stop because we had it recorded and watched it last night. How Freaky is it that I was thinking the same thing while watching it? I really did think that she was going to say "you must go for the sake of our daughter". And then Jin would reluctantly swim away with tears rolling down his face. And a smile on Sun's face because she knew that her daughter would have a parent.
Oh well. This whole Season has been a crazy mess and I'm barely making it through as it is. And if they don't give me some closure in the last episode, I'm going to be so pissed that I wasted all these years waiting for the "point".
And you may be right about what your feeling would be if you didn't have a kiddo. Maybe you wouldn't have cared about their little daughter waiting in the States for her Mommy and Daddy.
Your Friend, m.

Marco said...

I went as far as season three, then it became impossible to remember all the things I needed an answer for and resorted to a boycott.
Me no likey.
I hope they all die at the end. AHAHAHAAHAHA!


P.S. Just kidding.... Jin is so cute...

Mickey said...

Lost is at the very least different to all the other crap on American TV. It tries something different. I think there are tons of clues, but you don't need to keep track with all of them to get the main storyline. It's more of an added bonus to geeky fans who dig deeper for extra bits.

I was a casual viewer until the end of series 3 which was an incredible twist ending. I guess it does work much better if you can just sit down with the DVDs and watch it all together over a couple of weeks.

Kelly's Uterus said...

I thought the same thing! As "romantic" as it was for them to go out together, I kept thinking of their daughter.

I'm just hoping the alternate reality will be how it ends and they will be alive.