Monday, June 28, 2010

Blake's Favourite iPod/iPhone Applications. Part I

Yeah, I wrote applications, not apps. It's enough that I need to butcher the rules of basic English by writing "iPhone" or "iPod". Next Apple will release a product called "iThinkiMLameLOL".

Anyway, this post is about Blake's favourite iPod applications. The list changes over time as he grows a bit older or just simply gets bored by one application or seduced by a newer one. But this is a list of ones you might want to consider if you're stupid enough to let you kids near your iDevice or even worse get them their own, or even worse get them their own three times after they keep destroying it again and again by sucking on the devices.

I Hear Ewe

One of the earliest I downloaded and a firm favourite for a while. Click on various cartoons of farm animals and hear the sound they make while the cartoon grows bigger to fill the screen. You can slide through two pages with a total of 24 animals. An upgrade added a new page with 12 vehicles which was extremely exciting for Blake who's obssesed with vehicles. Much as he loves Lady Gaga, he'll dump her like yesterday's soggy cereal for a car. Autos before hoes. Best of all? It's completely free.

I See Ewe

Just got it today and while this one isn't free, it's cheap enough and focuses on recognizing various shapes, animals and objects. Not the best of its kind, but more than decent.

Baby Flash Cards

Super simple. Cards with illustration and words. You or your little one can flick through the pictures with or without the written words. That's it. Shame they have big buttons on the main page linking to other applications, as babies might press them accidently and be taken away from their game. Well, can't complain too much since it is free. Regardless, Blake has figured out that by pressing the big button he is taken back to the main iPod menu, so it's not too big of an issue.

Giraffe's Matching Zoo

Available for free and as a deluxe version. A very slick matching game with great presentation, graphics and sounds. Deluxe version has a few more game options and a bit more sparkle.

Spongebob Tickler

Available in a free and deluxe version. Blake liked the free version so much that I splurged on the deluxe version. Tickle and shake Spongebob and when you're bored indulge in other activities like capturing jelly fish or dressing up Spongebob. Blake even figured out how to take a snapshot and set it as his wallpaper. Spongebob's voice might drive you into stirring your brain with chopsticks through your ears after awhile (and by awhile I mean 30 seconds), but I think it's very cute and clever and got lots of giggles out of Blake.

That's it for part one. More soon. Please feel free to mention any other baby applications and games in the comments. I'm always happy to learn about new ones and I sure so will Blake.



lovesmukiwa said...

I think we need to get Max an I-pod. We got him a Nintendo DS but he only really likes one game and we have not had much luck finding others that are on his "level". He is in LOVE with technology though. We don't have an i-pod though - are these apps available for the i-pod also?

Mickey said...

I'd say the iPod is a much better choice as you can fill it up with lots of games and applications that either cost nothing or only a buck or two.

Make sure it's an iPod Touch. It's basically an iPhone without the phone part and that's what Blake has.