Saturday, June 26, 2010


I got the new iPhone, and not only that, I also got it on launch day. Before you jump to the conclusion that I'm a dorky nerd (you can reach that conclusion taking the scenic route), let me show you what my last iPhone looked like:

I wish I could blame Blake or the dogs, but that's my work. I dropped it many times with no damage until that one time where the screen cracked. Oddly enough I could still use the touch screen and even more bizarrely, this wasn't the worst damage the phone has sustained. What you can't see in the picture is the internal damage caused by Blake.

Using electric devices as lollypop substitutes has obliterated two iPod Touches and nearly killed my old iPhone. Though my iPhone managed to come back to life from Blake's attempted murder the old chap was never the same again. For one thing the big round button became partly stuck and I had to use ridiculous amount of pressure to make it respond. Sometime it helped if I first blew some air into the socket. Furthermore, while it would charge, it wouldn't properly connect so I couldn't stick it into a set of speakers anymore. And it wasn't ringing properly. In short, I suffered taking care of this dying phone for six months and enough was enough. I decided to suffer just a tiny bit longer and wait for the newest model.

I must say I like it. It's very slick and awesome and I love the screen quality. Everything is so colurful and bright you'd think you can just eat it (I hope Blake doesn't try). The video camera is very handy and in impressive quality. At first I wanted to do nothing but cuddle with my new baby and was looking to see if there's any legal way for me to adopt it as a son, but now that my new iPhone is three days old the novelty has worn off. The its-just-came-out-today-and-I-have-one feeling is long gone.

Blake got his third (!) iPod Touch for his second birthday and so far it has survived for over a month. The trick I found to reduce the chance of drool floods is to to put the rubber case upside down so the socket at the bottom is covered. So far, so good! Considering there are so many baby and toddler applications you'd think someone will make a proper drool-proof cover!

We also use iMacs which are nice, but we have no intention of getting an iPad. That's where we draw the line. It's a silly toy. Hey, my iMac is like an iPad only: The screen is bigger, it has a keyboard so it's easier to type, I don't need to hold it my hands as it has it's own base, it has USB sockets, I can use Flash on it and there are no finger smudges on the screen! Wow!

Tomorrow I might list Blake's favourite games/applications, though most of the time his iPod Touch is used to play Lady Gaga's Poker Face. I know, shocking. I was sure Bad Romance was his favourite until he taught me otherwise once he could make his own choice. He'd occasionally check out the Baby Einstein and Spongebob videos when he gets tired of seeing Gaga skanking it out.



.jon said...

the iphone's ok but here in the states, the network is horrible. at&t is a disaster. my current client site is in
midtown manhattan and half the time can't get a signal, the other half i experience a dropped call every other call. it's INSANE! we're switching to the droid when our current contract runs out. the mantra now is "shop the network, not the phone". droid has the best network behind it - verizon - in the northeastern US.
you're right about the ipad, total joke. you can't even open an excel file or word document. i don't get the appeal at all, or are people just being sucked into all the hype of owning something others don't have...

Mark said...

Guys, what language are you speaking? I'm sorry that I can't add much as a comment because I have no idea what you are talking about. I am so far behind in technology that I can't tell an iphone from an ipad from an ipod. As I type, at Fred's desk, I can see that he has one of these contraptions sitting right here. I guess it looks like the thing in your post. All I know is that as soon as he wakes up this morning, he'll go to it before he comes to me. Yes, I'm a tad bit jealous. And only God knows what he does with it. Although I can say that I haven't seen him walking around blowing it like you did Mickey. Then I would really be jealous.
Your Friend, m.

Mickey said...

Mark! You naughty naughty man. My relationship with my iPhone was pure and clean.

You can upload photos and text to your blog so don't give me this "I'm too old for this shit" nonsense.

Though you're not really missing much, anyway.