Monday, June 07, 2010

My Brain is on a Break

I actually tried writing, but nothing good (or at least up to my not-so-high standards) comes out. We came back from a week's break and my brain seems to still be on holiday time.

Or maybe I just wrote about absolutely everything that matters? Maybe the badly edited book that is my blog has reached its last page? The end?

Well, I don't think so, but even if it was it won't be worse than the Lost ending.



Mark said...

Nothing can be as bad as that. Maybe Blogging is a Winter activity? I have slowed down a bit myself and can't explain why. Although I'm feeling rather guilty for not documenting the kid's lives.
Hope that this break is what you need. I really do enjoy reading your Blog. I could Friend you on Facebook but so could the entire world. It's not the same.
Your Friend, m.

.jon said...

Can it be a post-traumatic effect from the LOST finale?

Mickey said...

Gosh, I haven't thought of that. I might consider suing the bastards.

Anyway, I hope to get my act together. I like the winter activity theory...

.jon said...

You could assume two blog modes: one where you are on break and one where you are actively blogging with convergence at some point. Just to keep your readers glued. Now we need a scary cyber monster to fill in the slow posts. Any thoughts


Irene said...

Oops, I'm a bad person lurker who really likes you blog because I'm a) based in Kent and b) Interested in Surrogacy, plus c) you're actually a pretty interesting read to make people understand about different ways of families. Yes, you're not trying to be a 'leader' but, seriously, esp in the UK, we need more of this..

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