Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back Home

Babies in the back on the way home

It's been quite a week. I haven't written about the dogs' return or anything else because I was drained. Dexter neutering disturbed the balance between the two dogs, causing them to have a few big fights that looked very scary, but weren't really serious (they are big woofers). They are settling down now and when the neutering will take full effect in two to four weeks, Dexter should accept Leo as the new top dog. We hope.

The training has paid off and it's much more pleasant to walk the dogs now. I walk them separately in the morning as I want to avoid any incidents until Dexter's neutering will take full effect. We walked past a few dogs, a couple even growled at them, but both dogs behaved perfectly.  I have new a collar setup that gives me better control over them just in case and if some stupid little dog will decide to attack them again I have a can of compressed air that makes the most terrible noise. So there are several safe guards to prevent any more fights and being dragged around. Which is a little bit sad as I think I started enjoyed it a bit. Being dragged around by two big dogs is a bit like water ski without water. Or ski.

After we got used to a dog-free house for five weeks it was a bit of a shock to get them back. Blake was fascinated to re-discover them and loves petting them. I can't believe how many things we've done wrong with our dogs over the years without even thinking about it. Little things that look meaningless to the humans, but the dogs perceive completely differently. I might go into more detail about the dogs' new bootcamp routine later as I'm still emotionally exhausted from the past week. Just thought a little update was in order.



Happy birthday Leo! It's Leo's 5th birthday today. The day we picked him up he was a tiny bit smaller!


Janey B said...

"Woof Woof! grrrrawrwoof!" Happy birthday Leo!


Mark said...

Yeah, just a "tiny bit".
Happy Birhtday Leo.
Your Dad's Friend, m.

Bellygirls said...

Whoa! That's a lot of dog! :) They are very cute though! Happy Birthday Leo!