Sunday, July 04, 2010

Blake Headlines.

A random selection of Blake updates.

Blake likes playing with my computer when I'm not on it. I'm not sure what he exactly does, but I often find the mouse and keyboard dangling by their cords and any drawer in his reach open with its content scattered all over the carpet. The keyboard that came with my Mac eventually stopped working and I'm now typing on a piece of crap that's barely responding and the layout is just a little different, but enough to totally screw up my blind typing. Gotta get a new one tomorrow.

In other news Blake enjoys taking pictures using the Mac's photobooth software. He especially likes trying on Papa's goofy glasses. In fact, whenever he finds a pair of glasses he tries putting them on, not very successfully. I hope he won't be needing glasses any time soon, or even ever, but just in case it's good to know that he can pull it off.

Reading the news today, it's Binky!

Blake is totally into drawing nowadays. He'd occasionally try it in the past, but not quite see the point of it. Now he loves scribbling. It got to the point that I couldn't leave any work from college lying around in the dinning room or Blake will take it upon himself to help me mark it.  His notes were very insightful, but illegible. There was a learning curve involved where I taught him that he can't use the pen to draw on Papa or on his iPod. Friends gave us one of those magnetic scribble and wipe boards so that might reduce any potential drawing rampages on the wallpapers - for now. He loves taking turns: he'd scribble a little and then give me the pen. Sometimes if I draw a car or a panda well enough I may get a smile out of him.

I wrote a bit in the past about Blake's swimming lessons. We stopped with that for now, but I do still take him to our local pool which is quite nice and fun for kids as it has a wave machine and various sprinkles and fountains. Unfortunately since I go alone I can't take any pictures of Blake. Maybe I can take my brand new iPhone 4 and see if it's waterproof. Blake has been to that pool twice now. The first time he was a bit overwhelmed by everything, but on his second visit he was fearless. He kept wading through the water into the deep end and when the water nearly covered his mouth I'd try picking him up or pulling him back and he'd resist in annoyance. The little man has a plan and knows what he wants! I was annoyed by all the 6-10 year olds running, splashing and rough playing around us, but Blake enjoyed studying their behaviour. Obviously doing his research for when it'll be his time to be an annoying and rowdy 6-10 year old.

We got some flute-like toys ages ago which Blake ignored. When he discovered he could make noises by blowing air into them he was quite pleased. We cheered him the first few times and now after blowing into the toy he grins expectantly and waits for the applause. He giggles and trembles a little in sheer delight every time he gets a standing ovation for his performance.

It's easy to know when Blake is approaching you. Usually you'll hear Lady Gaga's Poker Face playing in the distance and gradually getting louder and louder until finally Blake himself will show up. He'd often place the iPod next to me and expect me to sing and dance along and he would excitedly try watching both me and Ms. Gaga perform for him.

It's a good thing I stopped playing World of Warcraft or any other kind of multiplayer game that relies on other human players, since I can never play anything peacefully when Blake is awake. He'd often come to me with a book to read for him, a piece of paper and a pen so we could draw together or a box of a floor puzzle for me to assemble for him while he takes it apart. I always pause my game, movie or TV show and entertain him. Oddly enough I often enjoy the interruption more than my original activity.

When Blake just started going to his nursery I was concerned that he didn't care when I left and was quite upset when I came to take him home away from all the fun. Separation anxiety is a normal development stage and I was concerned that Blake wasn't experiencing it. Well, it only took a couple weeks. Now most times Blake would cling to me and wail. I'd have to give him to one of the girls and run away. I'd wait outside until I couldn't hear him cry anymore. A couple of times that took quite a while. Sometimes he'd even start crying as soon as we walked inside and rarely when we would just leave home. Like a dog sensing a vet visit, toddlers can sense nursery visits. He's going only twice a week to socialize and play with other children, so it's not an everyday occurrence.  But as hard as it is sometimes to leave him there crying, it's always a joy to pick him up. A massive grin spreads on his face when he notices me and he'd run to me and fling himself on me in the most melodramatic manner. I love it.

Blake can now snack whenever he wants. He discovered the fruit bowl in the dinning room and helps himself to a couple of apples or pears when he feels peckish. It's the only snack within his reach and he loves it just the way it is, no need to cut it to wedges or slice it. The only problem is that he'd throw the apple away when he's done, doesn't matter where. Oh well.

When the weather is nice enough I put sun block on Blake and let him run naked in the garden to play in and around his baby pool. He took an apple with him to snack on and conducted scientific experiments by throwing it into the water to see it float and then carried on eating it. Walking around naked with an apple he brought up both biblical and scientific connotations. 

There are probably tons of other little anecdotes and new bits, but I think that's enough for now. Certainly when writing on this utterly crappy keyboard.



.jon said...

He's adorable! Thanks for update on all the Blake-tivities!

Mark said...

When I first open up your Post, I thought that that picture was you and I thought that you were really looking young these days. Well, it turned out to be Blake and now I understand.
Sorry about your keyboard. I have issues with Fred's sometimes. It's a French keyboard layout that I have to change so that I can type in English. However, in mid-type, it sometimes changes its mind.
Blake sounds like he is maturing right on target and even a little ahead of the game in some areas.
You guys are doing a really great job.
Your Friend, m.