Wednesday, July 07, 2010


One thing (among many others) that really pisses me off, is the lack of outrage over a massive misogynic and sexist discrimination that is rarely ever discussed or debated openly in... Well, anywhere really.

You get the occasional outcry against muslims and their use of burkas. I must say that I somewhat agree and I think burkas are a way to oppress women. There's no modesty in covering your face, it's just a way for men to erase women's sense of self and turning them into a husband's possession. But before we get too smug about how morally superior we are over here in the west, let's look at boobies. Or more like, let's not since they're all covered.

I'm a guy and I can show off my nipples anywhere. I can walk down the street with my shirt off if I want to. On the other hand if I was a woman I'd probably be arrested and fined for indecent exposure. Why? Why is it OK to show male nipples, but not female nipples? We all know the answer. Men find female breasts attractive and therefore want them to be covered to avoid temptation. Oh, oops. Sounds familiar?

And just look how across most cultures this seems to be the case. Male nipples aren't considered nudity, female nipples are. In fact if we see some place where the locals go around with their tits out we nod our heads at their primitive ways. Only a few days ago Facebook censored pictures showing a topless doll. Guess what sex the doll was?

As an extension of that absurd discrimination public breast feeding is considered obscene by many. Boobs being used for their original purpose is considered indecent by those who can't help seeing them as a sexual object.

How the f*** (excuse my censored bad language) is this acceptable and a non-issue? It's the crux of sexist discrimination and no one is doing anything about it. Most feminist organizations fight sexual portrayal of women and unwittingly harm the cause for equality. I'm gay so I'm obviously not trying to cunningly make women everywhere to whip out their airbags.

I don't think about it often, because when I do it really makes me angry. Especially since I don't think anything will change about it in my life time.



.jon said...

Hmm... good point...
But I must say I'd hate to be at a formal state dinner where the Queen, Camilla, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel are all enjoying duck confit sans brassiere! Now, keep that visual in mind and let me know if you still feel the same way... Actually, that visual IS AN ARGUMENT for burkas!
PS it's bloody 100 degrees in NYC, sorry for the lame humour, you are absolutely RIGHT!

Mickey said...

I know you were joking, but at a dinner you'd expect everyone to wear shirts, including women. But on the beach if men can go topless so should women. If women are forced by law to cover their nipples, so should men (there could be money in my idea for a male-kini).

Sure, we'll be forced to see some vile sights at the beach if women could go topless, but aren't we already subjected to some unpleasant sights now with some topless men showing off their massive hairy bellies and wrinkly man-boobs?


AL said...

I like you! As a mama, one thing I've struggled with is how I will teach my daughter about modesty while remaining firm about womens equality.

I don't think it's acceptable to tell a 6-year-old that it's OK for boys to be topless but she has to wear one because she is a girl. In fact, "because you're a girl" is never an acceptable answer in my book. A question that evokes that answer deserves to be answered with deeper thought. What kind of message does that send? 6-year-olds don't even have boobs -- what would I asking her to hide?

My conflict, however, is that while I want my daughter to be assertive for her rights, I also don't want a teen who walks around topless... does that mean I'm perpetuating the inequality? :) The mental struggles we face as parents is exhausting!