Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Life Without My Doggies

As I mentioned in my original post on the subject, the first couple of days without the dogs were really weird. I couldn't enjoy the fact that I didn't have to take them on walks or feed them and therefore had more time for myself. I simply missed them too much and was worried that they were even more miserable being away from home and from us, something they have never done in the past.

Well, it's now been almost three weeks (on Thursday) and I must say that I'm actually enjoying my time off from the dogs. Sort of. (I really hope there won't be any technological advances anytime soon that will allow dogs to read blogs.)

I can see why some people rather not own a pet even if they do like them. Much less work, the house is cleaner, no big doggies blocking the way when you're in a hurry, no accidental slobber on your clothes just before you leave for work and in Dexter's case, not being dragged down the street. I do miss them, but not as much as I thought I would. I actually got used to not having them around. The house does not feel weird and empty without them. And Blake? He couldn't care less.

Mostly what makes it easier is knowing that they're actually having fun over there and that the training is apparently going well (I'll believe it when I next meet another dog with Dexter and remain vertical).

But I do miss them. I do miss them greeting me when I come home. I do miss their satisfied and grateful expressions after I walked or fed them. I miss sharing a sofa with Leo while I'm in the living room. I miss Dexter's random kisses. I miss Leo putting his head on our bed, desperate to go on it and knowing this is as far as he can go. I miss seeing Dexter and Leo chasing each other in the field during the midnight walk. I just miss them.

But next week we'll be heading over to Royvon in South Wales for a few days to be trained ourselves (I hope we get treats if we're good!) so we can carry on training them at home and then we'll all head back. Should be a hoot! I can't wait to show Leo my new iPhone 4 and tell Dexter that the TV show V got the green light for a second series.

And now pictures from Royvon:

Dexter the cuddle bunny

Dexter in the Play all Day area

Leo Play all Day

Leo is tired, but happy

Dexter and his trainer Terry and some other Great Dane. Notice how Dexter is so well behaved and not trying to eat the other's dog face.

Still not trying to eat the other dog's face. Good puppy!

Leo is socializing with a boxer.

Happy Leo

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I can always recognize that expression on Leo's face. He's being told off and he's feeling guilty because he really does want to be a good boy.

The boys own the place

Is it treat time?

Leo and Dexter weren't tagged in this photo, it's not dated and there were plenty of other Great Danes there so it might not be them. It could be their evil(er) twins!



Mark said...

What, you can't tell your own kids from other ones? I'll tell you, that Facility looks like a nice place. I should spend three weeks there!
Hopefully the dogs come back nice and trained for you. It would also be nice if they taught them not to slobber and clean up their shedding hair by themselves.
Thanks for letting me know about V. That is the first I am hearing it. Anna is the coolest thing. I just love her.
Write to you soon.
Your Friend, m.

Mickey said...

Morena Baccarin is a goddess. The scene where she experiences "her first human emotion" is so amazing, I must have watched it ten times. I think V and Anna deserve a post sometime soon.

I can tell my kids from others, but their faces are a bit obscured in that photo so you can never really tell. I remember their birthdays if that counts for something.

Mark said...

Are you kidding me Mickey? I loved that scene too. You could just see the emotion coming to a boil within her. It was great!
The reason that I love V and got bored with Lost is that V is total Sci-Fi whereas Lost was suppose to be "real".