Monday, August 09, 2010

Humans: Endangered Species

Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr's niece, spoke at an anti gay rally and said that legalizing gay marriage will lead to "extinction" and referred to it as "genocide". 

Because we all know that two people living in a committed relationship is exactly like systematically eradicating an entire culture. You know, the world's biggest problem at the moment is a severe lack of humans. Can hardly find any of those anymore. 

Obviously the fact that we, a married gay couple, brought a child into the world means that we're actually helping humanity to survive in the face of complete obliteration. We can look at all our childless straight friends with contempt for their utter disregard to our survival. I think fertile people who don't reproduce should be sentenced to death because they're just wasting space.

Tough in Alveda King's case I would actually recommend not reproducing. In the long run humanity needs to favour quality over quantity.



Mark said...

Thanks for this News Flash! I didn't know that my Marriage was causing this huge problem. As soon as I'm done typing, I'm going out, pick up a chick and start "helping out the world". But first, I need to get really, really, REALLY drunk.

lovesmukiwa said...

I wonder what her uncle would think of her "hate" speech....

.jon said...

It never ceases to amaze me when groups in the US who suffer horrendous discrimination and abuse in their history, themselves become intolerant, racists and bigots against other unprotected groups the minute they achieve some kind of upwards mobility and political power or realize Federal protection. Group consciousness lasts all of 15 minutes. But I will probably be eating those words in about 10 years time when members of the gay community in the US achieve similar Federal protection and acceptance and then probably continue in the footsteps of people like Alveda and find some other unprotected, minority group to take their psychotic ramblings out on… Gotta love humanity.
PS – Alveda’s conviction (er, deep hate) is, as expected, rooted in her deep faith!

Mickey said...

Mark, just remember that adopting is cheating! You have to create a baby from scratch!

As for her uncle, I don't think this was quite what he meant when he said "I have a dream".

Mark said...

You're right! I'm returning those kids right now. Now where is that receipt?

.jon said...

Interestingly in reading more about Alveda, she has had two abortions to her credit which she has disclosed. Hmm... and she is concerned about the human race becoming extinct???!!! She also stated at one point that Coretta King doesn't know what MLK would really think about gay rights because in her mind Coretta was not genetically related to MLK! The list of Alveda-isms goes on... Obviously the woman is schizo..

Hey, stop picking on Mark or I will ring Uselessa and tell her that you love her!

AL said...

Just found your blog. This seriously made me LOL. I suppose if gay marriage endangers the human population, it should also be illegal to marry a woman who is infertile.

Oh and don't get me started on the healthy, traditional couples who simply don't want to have kids -- just who do they think they are?