Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is Why I Don't Read the News.

I try to avoid news. I used to be a news addict: pick up free newspapers to read on the tube, check out news websites several times a day, catch the news on TV and the radio. Nowadays I try to avoid the news like the plague.

I appreciate the importance of the news, I just find it hard to digest. Especially since there is so little I can do about the stuff that upset me. You read about war, disasters, murder and accidents and often the victims are helpless little children. As a parent I find it much harder to hear news about children who were killed and/or tortured by their parents or even just died in a stupid and random accident.

I understand it's important to publish those stories as it will make many careless parents act more responsibly (though it must be acknowledged that not all accidents are preventable, sometimes it's just rotten luck), but I don't need it. Trust me. I'm super careful with Blake and I would really rather not see pictures of adorable toddlers who died horribly and read about their grief-stricken parents. Pass.

Today I decided to sneak a peek at the news and I saw this. It's a very difficult to watch video of a girl throwing puppies into a river. I couldn't watch past the first twelve seconds. It made me ask myself: is that why I checked the news? I already know there are nasty people who inflict suffering on others, human or otherwise. I guess it's eye-opening for some people, but not to me.

So if it's OK with you, I would rather cuddle with my son, husband and doggies and pretend that this little bubble of love and joy is all that exists in the world. At least for most of time. I know that I can't cut myself completely from the world around me, but occasionally I'm going to try.



Mark said...

Yeah, that's horrible. Thanks for depressing me. That bothered me a lot and I don't even care for dogs even though I have two. But I certainly don't mistreat them either.
Thanks for the heads-up too. I know now not to share with you any stories of torture.

lovesmukiwa said...

That was bad, and even having been warned I linked to it. A few months ago I linked to a video of someone abusing animals taken undercover. The guy was charged with animal abuse and I shouldnt have looked at that one either. WHAT is wrong with the world that A) they would do this kind of thing and B) they would videotape themselves. Wowza.

.jon said...

i totally agree. we have basically stopped watching tv except for some travelogue shows, cooking shows, relatively begign stuff. the rest has become so sensationalized today it's absurd to watch. i honestly have no idea who watches news programs anymore.
ps - we recently stumbled upon "keeping up appearacnes" - love it - we are going to have a "candlelight supper" soo and discuss the tragedy of LOST

.jon said...

PS - Is Miss Roma back from her Roman holiday? tsk tsk tsk

Paul said...

I completely agree. That video of the girl throwing the doggies in the creek was extremely disturbing. I too try to avoid the news as much as possible. The news isn't like it once was. :)