Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poor Loshik 2

I started writing a post about how nice it was to have Leo back home after his operation, but before I posted it he was taken back to the hospital in a pet ambulance after being back for only two days. 

He was supposed to stay for one night and ended up staying for four. It was a joy to pick him up. He was so happy to see us that he tried jumping and we all had to restrain him so he won't hurt his leg. The vet inserted a big metal plaque secured with big screws and he must take it easy for at least six weeks. No running, no jumping and no falling. We even reinstalled the child's gate at the top of the stairs to prevent Leo from running down the stairs in case someone rang the doorbell.

As soon as he came back he started licking his bandage off and managed to infect his wound. On Sunday morning he didn't touch his food and barely moved, putting no weight on his bad leg even though he had started to slowly use it again. Off he went...

Dexter was depressed to lose his brother again, but he bounced back since. Leo also didn't eat very well at the hospital so I cooked him some chicken livers and drove over to deliver the liver (hahaha) and I heard that he wolfed it down. He's feeling better now, so hopefully he'll be back home before the weekend.

Deliver the liver... Haw!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cheese Comics

A few days ago I brought back from the dead my old website, Cheese Comics. Even though the website was still on-line earlier this year, it hasn't been updated in about 6-7 years.

After graduating from University I teamed up with two fellow graduates and we printed our little comicbooks and posted them on our website. We went to a few comics conventions, but kinda gave up on it when we started pursuing our individual careers. 

Now we're making comics again and in preparation for the new stuff I'll be restoring the old content with a new design for the website. Some of the old material will become available on-line for the first time.

I'm fleshing out a little webcomic about my experiences and feelings as a gay parent, but it may take awhile before it'll be ready as I want to get it right.

Please check it out. Our material is quite diverse: you can read about an over-weight middle aged super hero mom, a foul mouthed little girl with a demented imagination, a penis private eye, various parodies and much more.

I intend to upload material on an almost daily basis for the next week or two. Any updates will be posted in the Cheese Comics Blog and the related Facebook group.

I hope you like it!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poor Loshik

Awww, poor little Leo. My little cuddle bunny was limping for the last week. Our vet is fairly certain that he has a ruptured cruciate ligament of the left stifle. Wow, I sound like a doctor from Grey's Anatomy when in fact I just copied it from the vet's letter. Basically it's very unpleasant and if not treated can lead to arthritis which we know isn't nice.

Lulu also developed a habit of licking his paw raw and gnaw at it until he had nasty open wounds. I love Leopold very much, but he's dumber than a box of Tictacs. So I took him to the vet to bandage his paw and that was when I found out about his hind leg being the bigger problem. 

Blake also twisted his foot that day as a show of solidarity and was limping for a couple of days. He then got better, but kept walking funny for a few days later, probably thinking it made him look cool. Silly kid, he doesn't understand he can't not be cool no matter what he does. He's awesome like that.

Anyway, back to poor Leon. Tomorrow it's surgery time and he'll be spending a night at the vet's with an overdose of painkillers which sounds like a great way to get high. The surgery includes insertion of some metal, making Leo the bionic robo-dog. He's already got some plastic in his ear from a previous operation. Soon only his brain will remain from his original body. I can see his brain keeping for a long time, being so underused it's practically like new.

No food after 10pm today so I made sure to give the boys some extra yummy food just before the cutoff time: some dry food with chicken livers. There'll be a six weeks recovery period in which Leoska can't run or go upstairs, at least in the first week or two. No walks off the lead. We'll see how it goes. I think putting a suitcase at the bottom of the stairs will be enough to tell the dogs they can't go up. I might sleep with Leonardo in the living room in the first night or two. He's got a whole sofa for himself so he can make himself comfortable.

Still, he's over five years old and probably more than halfway through the short life span of a Great Dane. It's not the best time to have a big surgery, but then again better now than in two years or more.

So fingers crossed for my little puppy...


Thursday, September 09, 2010


I don't really have anything to write. It's not like there's nothing going on in my life, it's just that it's either too personal or too boring.

For example yesterday I felt like having some cereal as a night snack. After I poured my Coco Pops into a bowl I realized we ran out of cow's milk. There was some of Miron's goat's milk but I rather use bleach. Yuck. Then I remembered that I did have some chocolate milk. Why not use that? Coco Pops turns milk chocolaty anyway, what's the worst thing that can happen? It'll be extra chocolaty? There's no such thing as too much chocolate, right? Well, wrong. It was too chocolaty and quite vile. Don't do it.

I also have an odd craving for Coleslaw. I always kinda liked it, but wouldn't get out of my way to get it. Now I can't go for too long without it. Coleslaw with chicken, coleslaw with sausages, coleslaw with hamburgers, coleslaw with a cold cuts sandwich, coleslaw with coleslaw served on a bed of coleslaw. Nom nom nom nom nom. I know it has ridiculous amounts of mayonnaise in it, but I'm hooked.

On other news both Leo and Blake are limping due to minor injuring and are both getting better. Dexter is still a little bit crazy despite the dog training, but I can control him better when I take him on his own. It's still a wrestling match, but at least I win now (or at least don't lose). Hopefully he'll mellow with age like Leo did.

See? I have no material to work with here. Stick with me through this anecdote drought. I'm sure it'll pass soon!



Oh, here's a picture of Blake after he decided to wipe his chocolate-stained fingers on his face. I can always count on a Blake photo or video to carry my dead weight!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My New Blog

No, I'm not done with this blog. I just find that sometimes I don't have anything interesting enough to write about my life. I don't want to scrape the bottom of the barrel and write about Blake's latest nap (it was lovely, but he work up cranky). There are things that are interesting, but perhaps too interesting as they are too personal. I don't take the "dear diary" approach and share everything with the world.

So being a big fan of horror I decided to start a blog about horror reviews: movies, comics, videogames, books. I sometimes post random posts on Taking the Mickey covering many subjects, but I found that if I started flooding this blog with horror reviews it might confuse the target audience.

So here it is: Badly Named Horror Blog. If you enjoy horror movies please check it out.

I'm happy with posting here once a week, but I'm sure inspiration will strike and it'll pick again in the very near future.