Thursday, September 09, 2010


I don't really have anything to write. It's not like there's nothing going on in my life, it's just that it's either too personal or too boring.

For example yesterday I felt like having some cereal as a night snack. After I poured my Coco Pops into a bowl I realized we ran out of cow's milk. There was some of Miron's goat's milk but I rather use bleach. Yuck. Then I remembered that I did have some chocolate milk. Why not use that? Coco Pops turns milk chocolaty anyway, what's the worst thing that can happen? It'll be extra chocolaty? There's no such thing as too much chocolate, right? Well, wrong. It was too chocolaty and quite vile. Don't do it.

I also have an odd craving for Coleslaw. I always kinda liked it, but wouldn't get out of my way to get it. Now I can't go for too long without it. Coleslaw with chicken, coleslaw with sausages, coleslaw with hamburgers, coleslaw with a cold cuts sandwich, coleslaw with coleslaw served on a bed of coleslaw. Nom nom nom nom nom. I know it has ridiculous amounts of mayonnaise in it, but I'm hooked.

On other news both Leo and Blake are limping due to minor injuring and are both getting better. Dexter is still a little bit crazy despite the dog training, but I can control him better when I take him on his own. It's still a wrestling match, but at least I win now (or at least don't lose). Hopefully he'll mellow with age like Leo did.

See? I have no material to work with here. Stick with me through this anecdote drought. I'm sure it'll pass soon!



Oh, here's a picture of Blake after he decided to wipe his chocolate-stained fingers on his face. I can always count on a Blake photo or video to carry my dead weight!


.jon said...

Is there a chapter of the Desperate Housewives franchise in London? Just sayin'

Hang in there, I'd hate to see your blog go love...


Mark said...

My Mom said that she had a craving for odd things when she was pregnant. Any chances??? I just though I'd ask.
Although I devour chocolate, you're right, I won't try chocolate milk with chocolate cereral.
Just take a break. I'm about to take one myself. I feel it coming on.
Blake has such a face, I just love him. What is he going to think of you when he looks back at these silly pictures that you take of him. Poor kid.

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