Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poor Loshik

Awww, poor little Leo. My little cuddle bunny was limping for the last week. Our vet is fairly certain that he has a ruptured cruciate ligament of the left stifle. Wow, I sound like a doctor from Grey's Anatomy when in fact I just copied it from the vet's letter. Basically it's very unpleasant and if not treated can lead to arthritis which we know isn't nice.

Lulu also developed a habit of licking his paw raw and gnaw at it until he had nasty open wounds. I love Leopold very much, but he's dumber than a box of Tictacs. So I took him to the vet to bandage his paw and that was when I found out about his hind leg being the bigger problem. 

Blake also twisted his foot that day as a show of solidarity and was limping for a couple of days. He then got better, but kept walking funny for a few days later, probably thinking it made him look cool. Silly kid, he doesn't understand he can't not be cool no matter what he does. He's awesome like that.

Anyway, back to poor Leon. Tomorrow it's surgery time and he'll be spending a night at the vet's with an overdose of painkillers which sounds like a great way to get high. The surgery includes insertion of some metal, making Leo the bionic robo-dog. He's already got some plastic in his ear from a previous operation. Soon only his brain will remain from his original body. I can see his brain keeping for a long time, being so underused it's practically like new.

No food after 10pm today so I made sure to give the boys some extra yummy food just before the cutoff time: some dry food with chicken livers. There'll be a six weeks recovery period in which Leoska can't run or go upstairs, at least in the first week or two. No walks off the lead. We'll see how it goes. I think putting a suitcase at the bottom of the stairs will be enough to tell the dogs they can't go up. I might sleep with Leonardo in the living room in the first night or two. He's got a whole sofa for himself so he can make himself comfortable.

Still, he's over five years old and probably more than halfway through the short life span of a Great Dane. It's not the best time to have a big surgery, but then again better now than in two years or more.

So fingers crossed for my little puppy...



Mark said...

Yes, Fingers crossed for your "little" puppy. He looks so sad. Give him a cookie from me!
Your Friend, m.

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