Thursday, October 14, 2010


Thanks to Facebook I was introduced to this fantastic little ad against prop 8.

Here's the uncensored version:

If you're offended by the F word (seriously?) or watching it in a public place/work there's also this bleeped version:

It's unapologetic, foul mouthed and in-your-face. It's angry and raw and I love it for it. An entire group of people had their basic human rights stripped away when proposition hate passed and the time for tip-toeing and playing nice is over. Discriminated minorities shouldn't beg for equality, they should fight for it tooth and nail. 

Some people might be offended by the repeated use of the F word in this clip, especially when they come out of the mouths of young children. But really, it's only a word. People should be far more offended by seeing groups of people being discriminated against and oppressed.

Check out their website



Mark said...

Ain't that the fucking truth?
Oh, sorry. Blake doesn't read these comments, does he?
Your Friend, m.

Mickey said...

Mark! Wash your mouth with soap right now.

Jeff and Kevin said...

OMG that was funny. I'm totally forwarding it to my mom.

James Bowden said...

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