Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Read It and Weep!

Blake isn't a big talker. When he was a few months old he started babbling and made every possible sound and then even tried saying sunflower as his first word (came out sounding more like "safla", but close enough). Then he lost all interest in trying to talk and obviously it got us worried.

For a while we were worried that he might've had hearing problems, but soon enough we had plenty of evidence that Blake can understand many words. He especially likes to be asked to point out animals either in pictures or from his collection of animal figurines. He can tell the difference between cheetah and leopard instantly while even I sometimes have to stop to think for a second which is which.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I tried the Glenn Doman Teach Your Baby to Read program. Blake enjoyed seeing the big cards with words and hear me read them out loud for him, but I was never sure how much of it he actually understood. A little over a week ago I decided to quiz him for the first time with the body parts cards and to my surprise he pointed out cards perfectly. I would name a card and he would point at it with confidence. The most amazing part was seeing his reaction to his own achievement. Every time he got a word right his eyes would light up and he'd turn around and hug me in excitement.

So my son isn't talking yet, but he can read over 50+ cards (most of them were taught to him only this passing week). I can happily recommend the Glenn Doman method to any other parent with children under six. Get his book on Amazon. It's a facsinating easy read and even better: it actually works!

I created four groups of cards so far: Animals, colours, body parts and a general group with words from Blake's world (daddy, papa, Blake, our dogs, etc.). I simply took cheap flash cards we had lying around and cello-taped on top of them the words I printed myself.

Here's a video proof showing Blake's mastery over the animals cards. He's going to be two and five months in four days.



Mark said...

See, I'm not too lazy to read your Posts. But do me a favor, keep em short!
I will look up that Series. Blake has totally passed one of our five year old twins. I'm sad and jealous all at the same time.
Bragging videos are the best and are totally acceptable.
Good Job Daddy!
Your Friend, m.

Mickey said...

Thanks Mark. I'll try to adopt the Twitter word limit for future posts.

For the record, I'm Papa and Miron is Daddy, but it doesn't matter, since the statement is still true. Daddy is doing a good job too..!

Anonymous said...

I love the video! Don't worry too much with the whole talking. I did not start talking until I was 3 1/2, so my mom was really worry ( end of the 70's). The doc said wait until the age of 5, then we'll see ( at that time nobody knew about autism). Nowadays, my partner & my family need to stop me from talking lol.
Love your blog!

gal schwartz said...

Hi Mickey !

I saw you new "CHEESE COMICS" plug
on the TAPUZ forums and then I found out your Blog...
SO much had happened since out last conversation (assuming you're the same Mikey I think you are)...

I'd love to catch up via Facebook, email, whatever...
feel free to contact me...


P.S: VERY late congrats on you being a father ! Your kid looks like a real charmer !
My son, Omer, is about the same age too...

Mickey said...

Hey Jorge! Thanks for the positive feedback!

Hey Gal! Good to hear from you again after all these years!

I must use less exclamation marks!