Friday, November 19, 2010

Yikes! A whole month without writing...

As I said on a previous break, sometimes I don't write in my blog not because I have nothing to write about, but because the things I'm going through are too personal to share. This is not a "dear diary".

Also, a lot of my creative stamina was spent on a couple of projects I'm doing with my Cheese Comics partner, Sally. One is a birth+ children's book which we just finished and started submitting to agents and another is an on-line webcomic with a strong gay-parented family focus which we'll debut hopefully very very soon. It just needs colouring and some touch-ups. I'll probably share a few preview pages here before we premiere it properly.

In other news Dexter is two today, so happy birthday Dexter! Great Danes are people-wannabes and Dexter just happens to be the most dog-like Great Dane we ever had. It sounds like an odd thing to say about a dog, but if you owned a Great Dane you'd get it. I love Dexter, but I won't say I wouldn't change a thing about him. I'd tone down the crazy a little if I could. The boy is mad, but thankfully he's slowly calming down as he matures.

Also, I dreamt I was on the X-Factor (Simon Cowell's British version of American Idol) as a finalist and I was somehow surviving the first few weeks. Then I realized I didn't pick a song to sing in case I was in the bottom two - quite cocky, aren't I? I then had one of those "I may not be one the best singers on this show, but I'm wacky and entertaining". Not quite Wagner-level, but I was dancing and jumping on tables. Then there was this fat girl who claimed I was making her life hell (I never met her!!!) so she had her revenge by saying that I was an unoriginal hack. And there was some black dude who was also in the competition and was booted before me and he was annoyed that I didn't remember his name when I met him. Halfway through my conversation with him our conversation turned from real-life to Facebook message exchange. Not sure how. There was also a bit where I snuck into the girls' toilets to wash my hands, but I can't quite remember the context. 

That's what I can remember fairly clearly. There was lots of other detail that is too confusing to describe. I'd classify it as a nightmare.

A couple of weeks ago I dreamt that we were on this trip and Chuck Norris was piloting our helicopter. Apparently that was his gig now that his acting career has dried up. I wanted to take a picture with him at the end, but then lots of annoying girls I couldn't recognize (except for my friend Sally who wasn't annoying) stormed us to be in the picture and then it was me, Chuck and a hundred annoying girls.

The next day I dreamt about doing some extreme sport (can't remember which type by now) with Eliza Dushku and we were buddies. Forgot the little details. I need to write these dreams down when they're fresh.

I think I need help.



Mark said...

True, you probably do need help. But anyway, I wanted to let you know that, when I dream sometimes, I often get people's full names. Last night, I was talking to Janet Noll. I asked her her name and she told it to me. When I leave here, I'm going to F.B. and see if I can find her. How weird will it be if I find her.
I'm always happy to see you post.
Your Friend, m.

lovesmukiwa said...

So I am THRILLED that you posted again. I was thinking about you last night and wondering how life was treating you!

Mickey said...

Awww, that's so lovely to read. I promise to try and post more from now on.

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