Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dead Ringer

Ten days ago I've written about my lost ring. My friend Elite used Google to look for Tibetan rings and with her artistic eagle eye she spotted some rings with the same symbol, including a website that sells a very similar looking ring.

Miron ordered it for me "for Christmas" but because I couldn't wait and partly because I'm Jewish, I opened the box as soon as it arrived yesterday.

Old ring

New ring

The old ring had little flowers on each side, but the new one has carvings of dragons that are just as nice, if not nicer. The new ring is bigger and better. It fits perfectly. I have to wiggle it to pull it over the joint, so while it's not hard to take off, it's very unlikely to fall off when I wash my hands with soap.

It's not the same ring, but the important elements are still the same: it's a silver ring with the same symbol, it was made in Nepal which is fairly near to Tibet and it was bought for me and placed on my finger by my husband.

Now if I want to bitch-slap someone, it can have a nice extra sting to it. Not that I have plans to bitch-slap anyone, but it's good to know that I can, just in case.

So thanks to a really good friend, the best husband I ever had (so far) and the internet, my right ring finger is not naked anymore. I know many of you were immensely saddened and troubled by the loss of my original ring and probably slept and ate very little (great diet!), but you can all calm down and rejoice.



Peter said...

Thank the Goddess, I can start eating again!

Mark said...

I was worried sick! Plus, with no sleep, the bags under my eyes are huge.
Let me know if you actually do bitch-slap someone. And take pictures!
Your Friend, m.

Daddy Times Two said...

Glad to know a new ring was located.

Best regards,