Sunday, December 19, 2010


Our home in the snow.

Once again London is snowed under. It's not that impressive for some places in the world, but for London it's a big deal. I've been living here for thirteen years and it never used to snow in my first few years here. Once in a while it might snow just a tiny bit, covering cars in white dust. You might be able to make one snowball if you scraped clean an entire car.

But for the last few years it's been snowing more and more. This time we might actually get a white Christmas. It's a bit of a nightmare because this country still isn't ready to cope with snow. Flights are cancelled left and right and traffic is also a nightmare. Thankfully we're staying home for Christmas and don't expect any visitors from abroad in the next few weeks, so we can just enjoy the good parts.

The dogs love the snow, it works on them like an adrenaline shot. Blake was quite intrigued by the snow, but wasn't quite sure what to make of it. We might make a snowman in the next few days if I'm not too lazy.

We were once on holiday in Lapland and I tried making a snowman, but it was too difficult and cold so I settled for a small snow-duck. Blake loves ducks (quack-quack) so I might get away with it.

Anyway, here's some pics and videos from yesterday of us having fun in the snow.

Blake and Daddy.

Papa, the gentle giant, gifting Blake with a snowball.

Snow is fun!

What is that thing?

Dexter and Blake.

Blake examines the snowball I made for him.

As you can see, Leo's leg is much better.



Mark said...

Love it all! As soon as the Christmas comes and goes, I could use a snow storm. I don't have to wish for one because it will come regardless. Blake is such an adorable kid. I could see him as a model. I'm not even kidding. Have you ever considered?
Your Friend, m.

Mickey said...

Thanks Mark!

We did consider child modeling, but being lazy I just googled it a bit and didn't find any useful leads. I'm sure most parents think their kids are models and there're probably lots of fraudsters out there looking to exploit them.

Besides, I don't think Blake is the posing type. He might not be very cooperative in a controlled environment.

Daddy Times Two said...

It looks beautiful!
We live a warm climate and it snows very little. That's a good thing, because snow is just wet and miserable for me. I do not like the cold weather! Blake and you enjoy your winter frolicking for all of us. I can live vicariously through your fun video!

Take care,

mark clifton said...

Wow, very amazing pictures posted up there. The kid is enjoying that snow and looking so cute but we should remember that they should stay in in this cold season or they will sick by cold. Mostly people like snow falling but some of them don't but about me,i like snow falling soo much and want to enjoy that.