Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Miss Boredom!

Occasionally one of my friends on Facebook will complain that they are bored and have nothing to do. Not complain that they must do something they're not crazy about, but actually complain that they have nothing to do. I really really don't get that.

I remember vaguely as a kid I used to get bored and my father sometimes still reminds me how I'd pace around the house back and forth shouting "I'm booooooooored!!!" Back then there was no Internet, in Israel we had only one television channel with very few programs for children and I had only a handful of computer games that I already played to death. I was a creative type and drew my own comics and wrote my own stories, but that wasn't enough to keep me busy all day.

Nowadays I have Blake. I have chores around the house. Need to take care of the dogs. A million things that need to be done. Then when I do get free time, some days more than others, I always have more to do than I can ever have enough time for. I got movies, tv shows, books, comicbooks and videogames that pile up and in some cases are still shrink-wrapped and unopened. I want to write my blog and often other creative projects. I want to sometimes just relax by playing various games or browsing the web.

I even used to play World of Warcraft which ended up carving an unacceptable slice of my time and it had to go. It was fun, but it became a little bit like a part-time job.

It came to the point that I find sleep to be a waste of time and Red Bull has become my new best friend.

I miss being bored. Sort of. 

Anyway, I bet it's quite ironic to get bored when reading a post about boredom. Sorry about that.

A picture of me from the time I could still get bored.



Mark said...

When I would complain to my Mom that I was bored, she would say "Then stop watch Gilligan's Island and get the hell outside!" Ah, what sweet memories. And my Dad would say "Bored people are boring people." Neither one of those comment made me feel better but maybe they'll work for you.
As you can imagine, with four kids and Fred, I'm never bored. Completely overwhelmed, yes! But never bored.
Does any of this wise advice help you? You know what, I don't even remember the point of your post. I just know that it had the word bored in it so I ran with that.
Your Friend, who's on glass of Merlot #2(shhh), m.

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