Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Viva La Fifa. Not.

I came across this infuriating article and it just reminded me how much work there's still to be done.

Fifa boss Sepp Blatter, when asked if he foresees any cultural issues with the Qatar world championship in 2022, advised jokingly that gay fans shouldn't have sex while visiting Qatar. You see, homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death over there and that's apparently hilarious.

As a gay man I have a zero chance of getting caught having gay sex in countries where its illegal due to not having any intention of setting a foot in any of them. It's a shame countries with such laws are allowed to host any international event.

Fortunately I don't need to rant about this, as John Amaechi, the first openly gay NBA star (and a sizzling hottie), says everything that needs to be said in the linked article. 

Choice quote:

"It's not about people having sex in public and being sanctioned for it, it's the fact that Qatar was one of 79 countries to sanction executing gays at the United Nations [where a vote in November removed sexual orientation from a UN resolution condemning extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions].
"One of the first things you notice is that it would actually be an insult to year seven students to say that their reactions, the giggling of grown men, sports reporters and members of Fifa, on this issue, when asked a perfectly simple and reasonable question given the worries about Qatar, that the whole room burst into laughter."
Well said, hottie. Er... Buddy.
*sigh* In another life where I wasn't married and Amaechi wasn't way out of my league... Who knows.


Suddenly I have a tiny bit more interest in basketball...


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