Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gay Hotels Are So Gay

I've written here in the past about the English hotel that was found guilty of discrimination against a gay couple. Now the Equality and Human Rights Commission is investigating gay-only hotels to see if they are also guilty of discrimination against straight people.

Oh, my goodness. 

To me it's a bit like shutting down a racist white pride group and then going after a few black groups just to be fair. Here's the thing: there are some things that minority groups, especially ones who suffer from constant discrimination and hostility, can get away with. 

Miron and I stay at regular hotels. If it's a small one we ensure to make it clear that we're a gay couple when booking to prevent any problems at check-in. But I can see why some gay couples would rather go to a gay-only hotel, a place where they can relax and be themselves without worrying what the people around them might think or say if they happened to hold hands or, God forbid, kiss in public.

I don't think barring straight people is necessary. In 2006 we went on a gay cruise to Alaska and while the majority of the passengers were gay men, there were also some lesbians and a very small group of straight friends and family members of other passengers. It was quite refreshing to be on this little bubble where gays were suddenly not the minority. I think just stating that a place is gay-friendly or gay-targeted is enough to repel homophobes.

Little secret: gay clubs and bars are full of hot straight women who go there to have fun without being constantly hit on by guys who just want a quick roll in the sack.

Alaska Cruise 2006 - I'm such a handsome devil
I think gay hotels will go out of business once discrimination and hostility towards gay people will be a thing of the past. Since that's not going to happen anytime soon, perhaps the watchdog can leave them alone for now? Especially since they admitted there's not even one single complaint about discrimination made against gay hotels in Britain EVER.


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Mark said...

I wonder how these Gay Hotels would feel if I booked a couple of rooms for me, Fred and the kids? Could you imagine the eye rolling of the Gay guests when my children are running down the hallways and jumping off of their beds. I almost want to do it just to hear them complain.
Your Friend, m.